Graduate Programs

Business student holds a tablet and views analytics on the screen.

Business Analytics and Information Management: M.S., M.S./MBA, 4+1


The objective of the M.S. in business analytics and information management is to produce students who possess the combination of management and technical skills needed to bring about the effective deployment and administration of information technology to achieve business success in today’s highly competitive global environment. Because of the combination, the degree is primarily designed for two types of students: those with a background in business who want to move into a more technology-oriented role in their organization, and those with a background in a technical field who want to move into an IT/management role in their organization. Examples of the type of students with technical background we attract include engineers, scientists and those involved in biotechnology.

The Business Analytics and Information Management degree is a STEM-designated degree program and provides international students 24 months of OPT (Optional Practical Training) in addition to the original 12 months. (Learn more)

A dual degree in the MBA and M.S. in business analytics and information management is available to graduate students.



Application Deadlines

Applications accepted up until one month prior to the start of the semester; please refer to MS Business Analytics and Information Management Application Date Guidelines.

Students can be admitted for the fall, spring and summer terms. To receive full consideration for August, candidates are encouraged to submit all application materials as early as possible.

UD Tuition

The 2023-2024 UD graduate student tuition rate per credit hour is $1028.

Some financial aid may be available to qualified students.

The Delaware Resident tuition rate per credit hour is $876.