Graduate Programs

A professor and student in discussion.

English: Ph.D.


The graduate program in English is a five-to-six-year straight-to-Ph.D. program. The doctor of philosophy in English prepares students to be scholars and professors of English, as well as public intellectuals who may choose diverse careers. Through extensive pedagogical training and apprenticeships in the teaching of writing and literature, students leave prepared to teach in a variety of settings. Our students receive rigorous training in methods of literary research and are encouraged to publish work in scholarly and professional journals, attend and present at academic conferences across the globe, and conduct archival research at the University of Delaware and beyond. In the classroom, students are challenged to analyze English literature through innovative courses in theory, cultural studies, film studies, material culture, composition and rhetoric, environmental humanities, digital humanities, and more. Our department has particular strengths in African American literature, print and material culture studies, transatlantic studies, composition and rhetoric, and the environmental humanities. Outside of the classroom, graduate students and faculty work together on public and digital humanities projects and on reading/working groups focused on particular areas of research interest. Groups may also bring in guest speakers, host workshops, and participate in excursions to significant cultural institutions, museums and libraries.


Application Deadlines


January 1: To be considered for departmental funding

Ph.D. Fall: January 1 admission to be considered for departmental funding. January 31 admission deadline without department funding. Applicants applying after January 1 (no funding) must contact the director of graduate studies for consideration.

UD Tuition

The 2022-2023 UD graduate student tuition rate per credit hour is $979.