Graduate Programs

Students on a Communications sponsored and organized "Career Trek" to New York City had the opportunity to visit 30 Rockefeller Plaza - the headquarters of NBC, the New York facilities of NBC Studios, and NBCUniversal Cable.

Communication: Ph.D., M.A.


The Department of Communication offers a master of arts degree in communication. A graduate student may concentrate in any of the department’s areas of emphasis or can select a more general program. In either case, the coursework and related elements of the program provide the student with the necessary background to undertake the research required to complete an M.A. thesis or to pass the comprehensive examination for successful completion of the degree. The program is designed to produce competent consumers of empirical research and theory in preparation for Ph.D. studies or for a career as a communication specialist if this is a terminal degree.

The communication Ph.D. program provides advanced training to students in the field of communication and others with relevant disciplinary interest, such as social sciences or technology, with the goal of preparing them for research-based careers.


Application Deadlines


January 5: To be considered for departmental funding
April 5: Final deadline to apply

UD Tuition

The 2024-2025 UD graduate student tuition rate per credit hour is $1,069.

All or nearly all doctoral students receive a stipend and full tuition scholarship.