Graduate College Giving

The University’s newest college, the Graduate College, was established July 1, 2019, in recognition of the impact of graduate study on overall scholarship and discovery. The new college creates opportunities for University-wide partnerships, supports curriculum innovation, facilitates high-value interdisciplinary programs and provides centralized support for graduate student services and recruitment.

Thank you for choosing to put Delaware First by making a gift today. Your support to the University of Delaware Graduate College will help create extraordinary student experiences and extend our impact on the world.

The Graduate College at UD is cultivating the dynamic spirit and approaches of graduate students and advancing UD’s contributions to research, scholarship, innovation and discovery while ensuring students are the central focus.

With investments in advancing graduate education, the Graduate College will work closely with other University-level units to enhance the graduate experiences by:

  • fostering innovation in graduate education, especially in creating and supporting interdisciplinary programs, delivering online courses and programs and extending educational opportunities to nontraditional learners.
  • recruiting and retaining the best and brightest students,
  • supporting, developing and enhancing graduate research opportunities,
  • providing opportunities for professional development so that graduate students can achieve their career aspirations,
  • building a welcoming, respectful, strong, diverse and resilient graduate community.

The University of Delaware is uniquely poised to make even greater strides in shaping and influencing graduate education. With your help, we’re ready to deliver on that potential.

Over the next 10 years, UD will need to transform its graduate and professional education by:

  • Expanding faculty, with an emphasis on research-related innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Increasing graduate enrollment to 7,000, including 1,000 additional doctoral students
  • Offering diverse education opportunities and career preparation for doctoral students

Paving the way for future leaders speaks to the hearts of Blue Hens everywhere.

There are a number of diverse funding opportunities for donors to follow their interests, including: 

  • Donors can help supplement college-funded stipends (currently $21,000 for nine months) with “top-off” awards that would help the University recognize and retain current students. This is an attractive opportunity to combine donor gifts with college funds to reinforce the impact of UD’s current investments.

    The Need: $6,000 to $11,000 per year, per student.

  • With philanthropic support, graduate students can use the summer months to complete research, dissertations—and their degrees—more quickly. Stipends enable them to focus on their research, rather than on teaching or on finding work off campus in the summer.

    The Need: $4,500 to $5,000 per year, per student.

  • Earning credibility for quality research often requires graduate students to travel, participate in professional conferences and pursue off-campus internships in order to distinguish themselves professionally and establish networks of professional contacts. Donor support allows more students to take advantage of more opportunities, regardless of their financial situations.

    The Need: $1,500 to $5,000 per year, per student.

  • Highly sought-after professorship or chair candidates are attracted to positions with guaranteed graduate student funds for stipends, research and professional development. Donor support of professorship or fellowship packages increases UD’s ability to recruit the very best faculty and graduate students.

    The Need: $25,000 stipend per graduate student each year, plus $5,000 professional development stipend per student.