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By engaging with UD student-athlete career readiness you can provide the necessary information and experiences to capitalize on the skills they are developing in their prospective sports. 

These opportunities include serving as an alumni mentor, highlighting your job opportunities in student-athlete specific newsletters, attending networking events, or participating in informational interviews. 

The goal of these opportunities is to create mutually beneficial experiences for UD student-athletes and employers, alumni and parent participants.  Thereby, allowing University of Delaware student-athletes to gain valuable professional experience and stand out among the competition.

UD Student-Athlete Mentor Program Information


The inaugural Student-Athlete Mentor Program launched in January 2021 connecting 41 student-athletes to alumni mentors for the spring semester. We are excited to expand this program to be a year-long experience for the 2021-2022 Academic year!

The Student-Athlete Mentoring Program matches junior student-athletes with professionals and alumni whose backgrounds are complementary to the students’ career objectives. Our mentors are practiced and willing to share their experiences, offer professional advice and guidance as our students navigate the early steps in their professional careers

Mentors will:

  • Utilize coaching skills to provide professional guidance to student mentee through graduation and beyond

  • Share expertise through conversations and developmental activities to prepare student mentee to enter the workforce

  • Establish a closer relationship with the University of Delaware and the Career Center

  • Serve as a role model by sharing expertise through conversations and actions

Student Mentees will:

  • Receive guidance toward professional goals through graduation and beyond

  • Focus on their professional development and growth

  • Build and strengthen their professional networks

  • Prepare for entering the workforce


  • Matched for the 2021-2022 Academic Year (September-May)

  • Work with your student-athlete mentee to establish specific goals and objectives for the year through completing the 3 tasks listed below EVERY MONTH:

    1. Communicate (phone, video conference, in person) with your mentor at least once a month. We do encourage all pairs to meet as frequently as needed.

    2. Engage in 1 of the below Sample Professional Development Exercises (PDE’s) each month. Revisiting PDE’s toward the end of your experience to see growth.

    3. Submit monthly surveys to track progress

  • Respond to emails and phone calls from your student mentee in a timely fashion

  • Job shadowing

  • Goal-Setting to reach career goals

  • Resume review

  • Interview training

  • Discussion on career and life objectives

  • Networking with mentor’s colleagues

  • Meeting for lunch or dinner

  • Attend conference or business meeting together

  • Mentors are paired with the same student mentee for the duration of the mentoring program

  • Mentors will receive regular check-in emails from the program coordinator who may request a response/feedback

  • Mentors and student mentees will get out of the mentoring relationship what they put into it!

Registration to serve as a mentor to student-athletes for the 2021-2022 academic year opens on August 2, 2021.


As part of the Building Leaders Utilizing Education (BLUE) Student-Athlete Leadership, Life Skills, and Career Readiness curriculum, student-athletes are required to facilitate an informational interview with a professional in a career that interests them. 

To serve as an informational resource register HERE.


Is your organization interested in recruiting UD student-athletes for your internships and full time roles? 

Are you able to provide flexibility in your internship offerings for a student-athlete managing a demanding course and training schedule? 

Contact Julia Moscato (jmoscato@udel.edu) to determine the appropriate hiring strategies for connecting your opportunities to student-athletes. 


Thank you to our outstanding alumni mentors for the Spring 2021 UD Student-Athlete Mentor Program! 

Together our mentors and student-athlete mentees completed 139 Professional Development Exercises, including resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, network connections, job shadows, graduate school preparation, and career goal setting! 

Join us in celebrating our Spring 2021 Mentors…

Elyse Andrews ‘16 - Women’s Lacrosse

Schaefer Andrews ‘14 - Swimming & Diving

Geoffrey M. Bock ‘99 - Football

Charles T. Chatterton Jr. ‘86

Kristen Coveleski ‘07 - Rowing

Erinn Demers ‘02

Jason Derene ‘14 - Men’s Tennis

Hayley Diverio ‘15 - Rowing

Timothy Donnelly ‘13 - Football

Rae Everson ‘09 - Field Hockey

Alfonso E. Garbayo ‘84

Jonathan Geisler ‘71- Football

Andrea Gunderson ‘17 - Women’s Soccer

Lisa Henderson ‘96 - Softball

Nathan Irvin ‘03 - Football and Men’s Track & Field

Jennifer Judy ‘02 - Field Hockey

Elise Krause ‘16 - Women’s Soccer

Tyler Kupper ‘07 - Men’s Golf

Julie Lindenberg ‘83 - Track & Field and Cross Country

John W. Martin ‘92

Miranda Mokma ‘19 - Softball

Eric Norman ‘91 - Swimming & Diving

Kelsey O’Donnell ‘16 - Women’s Soccer

Rebecca Pepper ‘15 - Field Hockey and Track & Field

Caroline Pratt ‘95 - Field Hockey

Michael Precopio ‘82

Brian Reilly ‘81 - Football

Omar Richardson ‘98 - Football

Dana Rodgers ‘09 - Women’s Soccer

Jill Savage ‘04 - Field Hockey

Alina Serbina ‘19 - Cheerleading

Mary Seuffert ‘17 - Women’s Soccer

Kevin Sheahan ‘19 - Men’s Lacrosse

Arielle Shuren ‘18 - Women’s Tennis

Barbara Syvy ‘08 - Softball

David Tinsley ‘15 - Football

Ryan Trask ‘04 - Football

Matt Wimer ‘03 - Baseball

Makenzie Worthington ‘11 - Women’s Lacrosse

David Yates ‘71 - Baseball


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