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    At the University of Delaware, course curricula are developed annually by the Colleges and/or the academic departments in accordance with the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees as executed by the Faculty Senate. The University's Course Inventory consists of all courses listed in the current Undergraduate and Graduate catalog. Each semester, departments review the classes that have been offered in a prior term and determine if the same classes should be offered again and/or should details be changed or updated. The Scheduling Office compiles and edits, if necessary, this information into the Schedule of Classes in order to create the listing of class offerings (pdf format) as well as to populate the online search application used by students to develop their semester schedules. Finally, as the term approaches, rosters are created merging the class and student information and are made available to faculty via the Faculty Center in UDSIS. Please select from the links below for more information on each subject.

    Course Inventory

    As part of the Faculty Senate's yearly course approval process, applicationsare submitted to propose a new course, revise a current course or deactivate a course. This application is also used to apply for Multicultural, First Year Experience (FYE) and Discovery Learning Experience (DLE) designations. Proposals are submitted online and are routed electronically through the approval process. All proposals are collected, reviewed and culminate in the Challenge List, also available online through during the Challenge Period.

    The course approval cycle begins in July and proposals must be approved through the college level by December. Courses not approved by the college dean by the December deadline will not appear on the Challenge List. The Challenge List is the list of all course proposals in the current cycle that have received the required approvals. The Challenge Period, which usually falls during the first week of spring classes, is a 5 day period in which all University faculty can review the Challenge List and submit electronically any concerns or challenges they might have in reference to a particular course. Challenges are routed electronically to the chairperson of the Undergraduate Studies Committee for courses numbered 001-499, and to the Graduate Studies Committee chairperson for courses numbered 500 and above. The respective committees are responsible for determining the validity of the challenge and overseeing its resolution. All courses approved by the Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Committees become part of the permanent course inventory, effective the following fall.

    Class Scheduling

    Prior to each term, academic departments review previously scheduled classes to determine if the same classes should be offered as before or if details (such as instructor, location meeting times or classrooms) should be changed. Additional sections can be added at that time and new experimental courses (those not presently included in the permanent course inventory) can be proposed. In addition, departments can request out of class exams as necessary for their classes. All of this data is compiled and edited by the Scheduling Office staff who processes the requested changes when possible. Once the Schedule of Classes has been finalized, it is made available to the University Community through UDSIS and Web Registration as well as to the public in the Course Search and the full Class Listing (pdf). As additional changes are made and processed, those updates appear in UDSIS and in the Course Search.

    Please direct questions to the Scheduling Office at or call (302) 831-2114, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.