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Transfer Credit for Current Students


Currently enrolled University of Delaware students who want to take courses at another post-secondary institution and transfer the credits to UD must have the courses approved prior to registration at the other school.

Only the students themselves may pursue the Transfer Credit Evaluation process - third-parties, parents, etc. may not pursue evaluation of coursework.

There is a $75 processing fee per term for each institution from which courses were taken. Courses taken at one institution in 2 consecutive summer terms in the same summer only require one $75 fee. Students' accounts will be billed after the approved transfer credits are posted to their records.

After completing the coursework at the other institution, the UD Registrar's Office-Transfer Credit must receive an official copy of the transcript in order to post the credits to the student's UD record.


Prior to enrolling in coursework at an approved institution*, follow Steps 1 - 6.

*US institutions must be regionally accredited. College level coursework completed at degree-granting colleges/universities with other accreditations may be eligible for transfer credit. For verification of institutions outside the US and other accreditation questions, contact the Registrar's Office-Transfer Credit at

STEP 1:   Complete and sign the Transfer Credit Evaluation Form.

STEP 2:   Go to the Transfer Matrix ( to see if the desired courses have previously been approved to transfer by UD faculty. If the courses are listed in the Transfer Matrix, proceed to STEP 4. If the college where the student would like to take courses is not listed or if the courses the student would like to take are not listed, proceed to STEP 3.

STEP 3:   For courses not listed in the Transfer Matrix, email the departmental transfer contact for a review of course descriptions. The departmental contact completes the "University of Delaware equivalents" section of the form or emails the student with the course equivalent information. A copy of the email should be attached to the Transfer Credit Evaluation form.

STEP 4:   Meet with the student's academic advisor to determine the applicability of the courses to the degree program. Will the courses count toward satisfying degree requirements or as elective credit?

STEP 5:   On the form, obtain the signature of the assistant dean of the student's college. If the departmental contact emailed equivalent course information to the student, include a copy of the email with the Transfer Credit Evaluation form. The assistant dean's office should also verify the accreditation of the institution. The final determination of acceptable accreditation lies with the UD Registrar's Office. Students studying outside the US (even if registered through a US institution) should see the Institute for Global Studies before delivering the form to the Registrar's Office.

STEP 6:   Return the signed form to the Registrar's Office at 210 S. College Ave.

NOTE: If the student is receiving federal student aid and intends to use these funds in the academic term(s) for which this form applies, please make an appointment with the Student Financial Services.

STEP 7:   Upon completion of the external course, request that a sealed, official transcript be sent directly from the external institution to:

  • Registrar's Office-Transfer Credit
    210 S. College Avenue
    Newark, DE 19716
    ATTN: Kathy Graham

If your external institution offers an electronic transcript option, please send a password protected, official transcript directly from the external institution to

STEP 8:   Two weeks after requesting the official transcript be sent to UD, check UDSIS to see if the credits have been posted. If not posted, verify UD has received the official transcript by contacting us at