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Evaluation of Transfer Credits Prior to Attending UD

Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluations are available online through Admissions-My Blue Hen Home for newly admitted freshmen and transfer students who submitted an official post-secondary transcript with their UD admissions application. Students admitted before the completion of their final semester at another institution must send an official transcript listing final grades for that semester. It is recommended that the transcript be sent directly from the external institution to the address below. If the transcript is issued to the student, it must be submitted to the Registrar in its original sealed envelope. Transcripts not in their original sealed envelope are deemed unofficial.

  • Registrar's Office - Transfer Credit
    210 S. College Ave.
    Newark, DE, 19716
    ATTN: Kathy Graham

If your external institution offers an electronic transcript option, please send a password protected, official transcript directly from the external institution to Electronic transcripts forwarded from the student are deemed unofficial.

Courses may transfer to the University as either:

    • a specific UD course     (for example, MATH 115 Precalculus)
    • as departmental elective credit     (for example, MATH 166T Transfer Elective)

Having Elective Credits Re-evaluated

At times, courses that received a preliminary evaluation of general elective credit, such as BISC 166T or MATH 166T, may prove to be directly equivalent to a UD course, if re-evaluated by the appropriate academic department. Only admitted students that have earned and transferred credits to UD may pursue re-evaluation - third-parties, parents, etc. may not pursue re-evaluation of coursework.

Before proceeding with the re-evaluation process, it is helpful to first review UD's Transfer Credit Matrix to see if your courses have already been evaluated for transfer. Only courses NOT listed in the matrix should be submitted for re-evaluation. It is also helpful to review UD course descriptions to ensure that UD has a similar course to the one you took. If there is no similar UD course, then the elective credit will remain and the course should not be submitted for re-evaluation.

ENGL 110 - For evaluation of courses you hope will grant you exemption from ENGL 110 follow the ENGL 110 Transfer/Exemption Instructions.

If UD has a similar course to the one(s) you took (other than ENGL 110) submit the following information to the appropriate departmental contact for a re-evaluation:

    • Your name and UD ID number
    • The name of your previous institution and your major while you attended
    • Official course description from the course you completed that contains:
      • Course number, title and number of credits (if science lab/lectures are separated, provide information for both courses.)
      • A description of topics or areas covered in the course (if we find the description is unclear or too vague, we will request a syllabus or additional material.)
    • The term in which you took the course (ex: Fall 2012)
    • The web link to your previous institution's course catalog - for the academic year(s) your courses were taken
    • The web link to your previous institution's homepage

If approved for a re-evaluation, the department faculty member will contact us with the new course equivalency. Periodically check your student records in UDSIS for updated evaluations. We also recommend that you meet with your academic advisor to determine how course equivalency changes apply to your degree program or impact your expected graduation date.

See the following for information on Test Credit.