Commencement: Regalia

Academic Regalia

Cap and Gown Information 


Academic regalia is required for degree candidates at Commencement. All candidates who do not possess regalia must obtain their regalia from the B&N UD Bookstore. 

Associate, Bachelor and Master Candidates


The B&N UD Bookstore is the only approved vendor for the University of Delaware Commencement items, including official University regalia (caps, gowns, hoods, and tassel) from Oak Hall.  This exclusively ensures that regalia worn at graduation will be uniform and is required.

Degree candidates (associate, bachelor, and master) planning to attend the Commencement and Convocation need to come to the B&N UD Bookstore, located at 83 East Main Street should come into purchase their regalia and take it with them.  You will be able to purchase a full set or individual pieces.  Our store hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday noon-6pm.

If you are not local and need your regalia shipped, please call Lindsey Collings at 302-831-2424. Shipping is $8.99.

Degree candidates who participated in a Study Abroad Program are invited to wear a special sash signifying the program(s) in which they have participated in.  You can purchase in store.

Renting associate, bachelor, or master regalia is not an option.  All regalia for associate, bachelor, and master candidates is keeper regalia and not available to rent.

The B&N UD Bookstore does not provide Honor Cords.

Doctoral Candidates


To participate in the Hooding Ceremony, doctoral candidates must rent their cap, gown, and hood. The site for renting regalia is now closed, please contact Lindsey Collings at 302-831-2424 if you have missed the deadline.

Diploma Frames


Diploma frames can be ordered by using this link:


Graduation Announcements and Rings


Balfour is the University of Delaware’s official graduation retailer for announcements and rings.  You can order custom announcements and rings using this link:  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of announcements and 8 weeks for delivery of rings.

How to Wear Your Graduation Hood and Cap

The Graduation hood depends on your major and degree. The pictures below are for a Bachelor of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences. Your regalia may be a different color or style, but the instructions for wearing the hood are the same.

  1. Place the hood around your neck and shoulders so that the major portion hangs down your back and the velvet border is up.
  2. If possible, fasten the cord on the front of the hood to your shirt or dress to help keep the hood away from your neck.
  3. Looking from the front, the velvet border should be on the top.
  4. Looking from the back, the satin lining of the hood should be exposed by rolling the velvet border back. The tip (or tail) should be pointing away from you.
  5. Caps are to be worn squarely on top of the head with tassel:
  • Right side for bachelors’ and associates’ degree candidates, after degrees are conferred, move the tassel to the left side.
  • Left side for doctoral and masters’ degree candidates.