Ceremony Recordings

Blue Hen pride was overflowing at Delaware Stadium as UD celebrated its newest class of graduates at the annual Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 25.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024, and remember, once a Blue Hen, always a Blue Hen! 

Watch: 2024 University of Delaware Commencement: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_08hl8350/

Convocation and Ceremony Recordings

Watch: 2024 Air Force ROTC Commissioning Ceremony: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_ze627qo6/

Watch: 2024 Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics Convocation: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_lf1bon98/

Watch: 2024 Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics Graduate Program Convocation: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_q0cmot1m/

Watch: 2024 Army ROTC Commissioning Ceremony: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_b607rpi6/

Watch: 2024 Biden School Convocation: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_803azz8b/

Watch: 2024 College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Convocation: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_4i3yhdcs/

Watch: 2024 College of Arts & Sciences Convocation - Arts & Humanities: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_zyxi3bpj/

Watch: 2024 College of Arts & Sciences Convocation - Natural Sciences: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_si52vhzi/

Watch: 2024 College of Arts & Sciences Convocation - Social Sciences: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_oxuwwc8d/

Watch: 2024 College of Education and Human Development Convocation: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_7zgbicu6/

Watch: 2024 College of Engineering Convocation: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_wa7ajal5/

Watch: 2024 College of Health Sciences Convocation: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_9mwozo02/

Watch: 2024 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_5h50rxet/

Watch: 2024 College of Earth, Ocean & Environment Convocation: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_odwfefma/

Watch: 2024 Graduate College Convocation: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_s75wdyuc/

Watch: 2024 Honors Medal Ceremony: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_e44grh67/

Watch: 2024 Student Athlete Celebration: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_8n3yih3r/