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Grading Information

See Delaware's Grading System from the Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog for information on:

    • How we grade you
    • How your GPA is calculated
    • Academic Standing, Probation and Dismissal

Use the GPA Calculator to predict what your GPA will be for the semester.

Mid-Term Grades

Students who were admitted as freshman to UD and are in their first or second UD semester have a mid-term grading period during the Fall and Spring semesters. See the Academic Calendar for dates.

Final Grades

Final grades are typically submitted 72 hours after the Final exam. To view your grades:

  1. Login to UDSIS.
  2. Select the Grades link in the other academic.. dropdown box and click the blue arrow.
  3. On the View My Grades page, select the term.

Incomplete work

Students unable to complete course requirements - with the approval of the instructor - have a limited amount of time to finish the course. Generally, coursework must be completed by the tenth day of classes in the following full semester (i.e. 10th day of Spring for Fall or Winter course work and 10th day of Fall for Spring or Summer course work).

Grade change requests

Should it be necessary, students can petition for a change of grade with the instructor. See the Grade Grievance policy in the Student Guide to University Policies.

For further questions, undergraduates should contact their Student Service/Assistant Dean's Office. Graduate students should contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Education at (302) 831-8745.

CURC - Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification

This committee reviews student academic records at the end of fall and spring semesters and considers requests for changes to the academic record. See CURC details for what the Committee can and cannot do, how to submit requests, and information on understanding grade point average.

Please direct general questions to the Registrar's Office at or call (302) 831-2131, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.