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Our general contact information is:

  • Phone:  (302) 831-2131
    FAX:     (302) 831-3005 or 831-3007
    Hours:   Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Subject Area Contact Phone
Area Code: (302)
Academic Calendar Online
Academic Dishonesty Mary Mohr 831-1552
Academic Renewal Processing StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Address Change UDSIS
(in Personal Information)
Advising Appointment System Naomi Nash 831-1553
Advisor Assignment Issues in UDSIS - Student Questions StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Advisor Assignment Issues in UDSIS - Faculty/Staff Only Krista Urbaniak 831-2122
Advisor Notes (UD Notes) - Access/Problems/Training Krista Urbaniak 831-2122
Change Graduation Term (Graduate students) Graduate Studies 831-8697  
Change Graduation Term (Undergraduates) Webform    
Change of Major/Minor/Concentration Webform
Lynn Richmond
Classroom Maintenance Concerns Jeannie Lewis 831-6599
Classroom Requests - all other Scheduling Office 831-2114
Classroom Requests - for course/term Patty Barcus 831-1483
Committee on Undergrad Records & Certification (CURC) StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Communication Conditions StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Computer Based Testing Center  (CBTC) Online
MaryRuth Pierce
Computer Lab Reservations Online form    
Course Approval Process Suzanne Stanley 831-6592
Course Descriptions Request Online
Course/Class Registration Information Online
Course/Class Registration Questions/Problems Mary Mohr 831-1552
Course Scheduling or Cancellation Patty Barcus 831-1483
Course Titling Webform 831-1552
Credit by Exam (University Course) StuServ/Asst Dean's Office Academic Department /
Janice Frye
Dean's List Patrick Shields
Degree Audit StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Degree Audit: Faculty/Staff Edits Dan Reidinger 831-8928
Diploma Order / Replacement Online form    
Disabled student concerns and schedules Patty Barcus 831-1483
Duplicate IDs Patty Brown 831-2727
Enrollment Verification UDSIS
(Academics section)
Exams - Scheduling, Rooms, Questions Jeannie Lewis 831-6599
Exemptions (ENGL, MATH, Languages) StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Fax numbers   831-3005 (1st floor)
3007 (2nd floor)
Grade Changes, Problems, Extensions, Questions Mary Mohr 831-1552
Graduation Questions - Academic Honors Colleen Kent 831-8924
Leave of Absence StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Leave of Absence Webform Processing Patty Brown 831-2727
Loan Deferment Letters- Verifying current enrollment Online
Name Change Online 831-2131
NCAA eligibility Patrick Shields 831-1280
PIN Reset Online
OR on-campus at
University Visitors Center
Readmission Application Online form    
Registration Questions / problems Mary Mohr 831-1552
Reporting: Registrar's Office Standard Reports Student data reports
SOC reports
Reporting: UDSIS Data requests Online form
Residency Janice Frye 831-1554
Social Security Number Change/Problems Janice Frye 831-1554
Standardized Tests - eg. GRE, PRAXIS, MCAT, LSAT, TOEFL MaryRuth Pierce 831-6717
Test Credits (AP/IB, CAPE, etc.) Charlene Bradley 831-1985
Transcripts - Official UDSIS
(Academics section)
Transcripts - Unofficial UDSIS
(Academics section)
Transfer Credits - Domestic Credits Kathy Graham 831-1551
Transfer Credits - International Credits Charlene Bradley 831-1985
Transfer Credit Matrix Carolyn Reynolds 831-8997
UDSIS Access/Security / Training Online form
Debra Wilder
Veterans Information Janice Frye 831-1554
Withdrawal Questions StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Withdrawal Webform Processing Patty Brown 831-2727