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About Rodney


The Caesar Rodney Complex, located on West Campus, comprises Rodney Halls A through F. Rodney residents are situated very close to campus, with only a five-minute walk to the Trabant University Center, and an even shorter distance to many academic buildings.

The complex houses only freshman. Buildings are coed by floor, and clusters of single rooms grant students both privacy from and proximity to other freshman students. In addition to standard singles, double rooms and lofted singles are available.

A large common area is located in each double building (Rodney A/B, Rodney C/D, Rodney E/F), but access cards only provide access to the residential space of the building in which the student lives.

& Amenities

  • Floor lounges in every community
  • Primarily single rooms
  • Air conditioning
  • One activity hub in each of our building pairs, called the Underground, equipped with a television, a game table (pool, ping pong or air hockey) and an adjacent kitchen
  • One study lounge in each building pair equipped with white boards, located on the first floor
  • One quiet study lounge in each basement
  • One large programming space in the Rodney Dining Commons, called The Corner, equipped with a projector and sound equipment for open mic events

    • Fab Fridays: Friday night programming that takes place in each building pair. These events are co-planned by Resident Assistants and residents and range from movie nights to cooking events, craft nights to video games.
    • Coffee House: Every Saturday night Rodney Complex hosts an open mic night during which students can perform any talent whether it be music, juggling, jokes, or dancing. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are provided for attendees.
    • West Fest: Each spring, Dickinson and Rodney complex community council members partner to create a large outdoor festival to celebrate living on West Campus.

    • Less than a minute walk to Rodney Dining Hall from all residential floors
    • Rodney Underpass provides easy walking access to the rest of campus and to South Main Street, which features popular coffee shops and eateries
    • Very close to the Center for the Fine Arts and the Amy du Pont Music building as well as Smith, Lerner and Purnell halls (academic buildings)
    • Residential buildings surround the Rodney Courtyard, a popular place for students to hang out during nice weather
    • The surrounding neighborhoods are very conducive to running, walking and biking
& Floorplans


  • Rodney Lot
  • Dickinson Lot
Initiatives & Opportunities

    • Complex Community Council
      Community councils are student-run student governments focused on advocacy, programming and community service. Every area on campus has its own community council. In Rodney, it's known as RoCC- Rodney Community Council (pronounced "rock")
    • Green Teams
      Green Teams are student-run groups interested in learning more about environmental sustainability & hosting programs to promote environmentally sustainable actions in residence halls. Initiatives for Rodney's Green Team this year have ranged from single stream recycling promotion to encouraging fellow residents to participate in the larger “Green Room Challenge."
      Learn more about Rodney's Green Team
    • Service
      Service Team members assist with their area's Weekly Service Initiative as well as partner with University entities or other local agencies to create additional service opportunities in their area. Each area on campus has a partner service organization. Rodney's service agency is Kay’s Kamp, which is a camp for children diagnosed with or in remission from cancer. The organization provides a camp for these children during the month of June so they can experience normalcy and interaction with their peers.

Learn About More On-Campus Involvement & Leadership Opportunities


Rodney is named for the American lawyer and politician from Delaware, Caesar Rodney. Rodney was an officer in the Delaware militia during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution, served in the Continental Congress and was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.