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About Independence


Independence Complex, constructed in 2006, comprises Independence Hall, Thomas McKean and James Smith. The complex offers single and double suites with private bathrooms. It is conveniently located near a state of the art fitness center, turf field and outdoor basketball and tennis courts.

All of the buildings in Independence Complex are featured on Blue Henergy, a UD website that monitors energy usage. Learn more about your carbon footprint in order to help UD reduce its carbon emissions!

& Amenities

  • Independence Complex features suite-style rooms consisting mostly of spacious double rooms with connecting bathrooms.
  • Large Lounges—each building in Independence Complex has a large main lounge on the first floor. These spaces are great for hanging out, group meetings and events!
  • The Independence East and James Smith main lounges are equipped with projectors, speakers and screens that can be used for activities and presentations.
  • There are also large lounges on each floor for studying and socializing, as well as dedicated study lounges in each building.
  • Each building has a community kitchen the first floor. Students often share meals and baked treats!
Theme &
Living Learning

  • Bridge Experience in Independence

  • Lots 6, 8 & 10

    • Independence Complex buildings border the Laird Turf — a great outdoor space for soccer games, Frisbee or just soaking up sunshine!
    • Students enjoy playing volleyball and basketball on well-lit courts behind James Smith and Thomas McKean Halls.
    • The Independence Fitness Center is located in Independence East and features a variety of equipment, including weights and cardio machines, to help students stay fit!
    • Pencader Dining Hall is a few steps away; the building also offers the P.O.D. Market where students can use points for snacks and convenience items—there’s even a Jamba Juice bar right inside!
    • Walk to class or hop on a University shuttle bus that runs up to every 5 minutes

    • Thanksgiving Tree: each November, residents write notes about what they are thankful for, and display those notes on paper leaves to create tree displays in each lounge. Residen Assistants (RAs) host social events to encourage participation.
    • DJ Dance Bash: each Spring, RAs partner with Center for Disability Studies Community Connectors program to host a social event for adults with disabilities. RAs and residents come together to welcome everyone and play games, dance and sing karaoke!
    • Night on the North: This open-air celebration on the Laird Turf features novelty activities, carnival treats, music and most importantly, fun! The Complex Community Councils of Independence, George Read and the Christiana Towers collaborate to bring this year-end party to all Laird Campus residents.
    • Launch Parties: Independence, along with all upper-division complexes, hosts a party each May to welcome next year’s residents to the complex—students have a chance to learn about opportunities to get involved, meet their new neighbors and RA staff team and see more of their new home away from home.
Initiatives & Opportunities

    • Complex Community Council
      Community councils are student-run student governments focused on advocacy, programming and community service. Every area on campus has its own community council. In Independence, it's known as ICE - Independence Community Experience
    • Green Teams
      Green Teams are student-run groups interested in learning more about environmental sustainability & hosting programs to promote environmentally sustainable actions in residence halls.
    • Service Teams
      Service Team members assist with their area's Weekly Service Initiative as well as partner with University entities or other local agencies to create additional service opportunities in their area. Each area on campus has a service organization.

      iServe is a group of Independence residents who come together to plan and facilitate various service projects to benefit the local community. iServe supports Independence’s partnership with AI Dupont as well as other local agencies.

Learn About More On-Campus Involvement & Leadership Opportunities


Three buildings on Laird Campus were named in honor of the three UD graduates who signed the Declaration of Independence: Thomas McKean, James Smith, and George Read.