Honors Program Registration Information for UDHP Upperclassmen

General Registration Information for Honors Courses

  • Honors courses are only open to Honors Program students with GPAs of 3.0 or higher.
  • Keep the requirements for the General Honors Award and Honors Degree/Honors Degree with Distinction in mind when choosing Honors courses for the spring semester.
  • Please check your majors, minors, and Honors coding in UDSIS, especially if you have changed or added any majors or minors recently. If you are missing your Honors coding in UDSIS, please contact the UDHP Office immediately at 831-1195. If you are missing any of your majors or minors in UDSIS, please contact the Registrar's Office at registrar@udel.edu.
  • Some Honors courses may have additional restrictions (such as "Open to Majors Only" or "Open to Honors Freshmen and Sophomores Only," etc.). These restrictions appear in the Honors Course Book and may also appear under "Notes" in the Courses Search.
  • Honors classes are denoted by 080-089 section numbers. You can confirm that the course is Honors by clicking on the course number in the Courses Search. The note should say "This is an Honors section/course."
  • Do not contact faculty or department offices to enroll in Honors courses which are full or otherwise restricted. If the course you want is full, you will have to wait for a seat to become available in order to add the course. We do not over-enroll Honors courses. If you have a question about a particular Honors course, please contact our office directly at 831-1195.
  • For general information about how to register for courses, please go to this page.
  • Pre-requisites listed in the catalog or on the Class Search will be absolute restrictions in UDSIS. In other words, students will not be able to enroll themselves in courses without the published pre-requisite. If you are currently enrolled in the pre-requisite, UDSIS will assume successful completion of the course during the initial enrollment period. If you do not successfully complete the pre-requisite, you will lose your enrollment after grades are posted.
  • Students who fall below the 3.0 GPA requirement after fall grades are posted will lose their enrollment in any Honors courses in early January. Students will be notified through UD email accounts.

Honors Courses

Semester Course Listings:

General Education Group Approvals for Colloquia

Approved Capstone Courses

At the end of their course of study, UD students integrate their previous work in a culminating experience such as a senior seminar, group project, or similar activity. Please consult the Capstone course list for courses that have been approved for the Honors Degree and Honors Degree with Distinction.

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