Melissa Luxemberg

Class of 2012

The Reason I chose UD: I came out of high school with absolutely NO idea what I wanted to pursue academically.  I felt that at UD, no matter what major I chose, I would be entering a strong program with accredited faculty to guide me along the way.  Additionally, I wanted a medium to large size university in order to broaden my opportunities outside the classroom, but I was worried about being overwhelmed.  The University of Delaware Honors Program allowed me the "small school" feel, within the bounds of a large university.

Most influential UD professor: Professor Dong (Donglaoshi) my Chinese professor, was my most influential professor.  Even though I had her class at 8 in the morning, she managed to make it extremely enjoyable.  She is a very funny, dynamic, and understanding teacher.  I always felt she would go to any lengths necessary to make sure I understood and was comfortable with the material.  While the class time itself felt laid back, I definitely learned the most from this class than any other course I've taken at UD.  Additionally, I feel that I can approach Donglaoshi with any problem or question, whether or not it is academically related.

Favorite Honors experience: My favorite non-classroom Honors experience at UD was definitely living in an Honors residence hall my freshman year.  If I could be a freshman again, I would in a heartbeat.  I really became close with the people in my building, especially those on my floor.  It was nice to have a lot of classes with everyone around me, because we were all a part of the Honors Program.  I also enjoyed the realization that my study habits overlapped with many others, and I found myself often doing work with a bunch of other people in the lounge.  Most of my best friends to this day at UD are people that lived right down the hall. We had many, many great times just hanging out in the hallway or in the lounge at all hours of the day.

I couldn't imagine the UD Honors Program without . . . I couldn't imagine the UD Honors Program without its outstanding staff.  Whenever I've needed assistance in choosing courses, choosing a major, getting into an Honors course, finding out what my Honors options are, etc., I have always found exactly what I need after asking the Honors Program staff.  Whether calling the office or just shooting out an email, the staff is always so sweet and helpful in answering my questions.  The staff is what makes this program as strong and student-friendly as it is.

At UD, I am most involved in . . . Club Basketball and the Blue Hen Ambassadors Program.

What does the UDHP mean to me? To me, the UD Honors Program means opportunities above and beyond those that a traditional student would have.  It means smaller classes, more one-on-one time with professors, and more in-depth discussion with my peers. It means great friends and an an academic environment, within the multitude of opportunities at the University of Delaware.

When I'm up late studying . . . I crave Cereal Bowl FroYo. Flavor: Vanilla; Toppings: Strawberries, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips

My favorite Honors Program and UD traditions are . . . I really enjoyed the Coffeehouse that the Honors Program puts on every semester in the residence hall.  It is essentially a 10 (or so) act talent show featuring Honors students.  It was really nice to see what my peers excel at outside of the classroom.  I learned who could sing, rap, dance, etc. and often I was pleasantly surprised.  ANother thing I love are Dr. Munson Study Breaks.  Every Wednesday night, Dr. Munson (one of the Chem professors) would come to one of the lounges in our building with lots of snacks.  He would then just hang out and talk to the students.  It was a great little break to look forward to, especially when cramming for a Thursday morning exam. So many people came that I was able to see a lot of my friends all at once, even in the middle of a busy week.

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