University of Delaware

Sit in on a Class or Visit an Academic Department

Fascinated by Physics? Excited by Economics? Once you have signed up for an information session and tour, contact the academic department of your choice at least five days in advance of your scheduled visit and request to attend a class, peek in at our facilities, or speak with a member of the department in person. Please note that classroom visits are not available on Saturdays and during final exam and recess periods.


DRIVING DIRECTIONS TO UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE -- GPS Address 210 South College Avenue Newark, DE 19711



Accounting Eileen Sklodowski 302-831-2961
Acturial Sciences Diane McMahon 302-831-4454
Agriculture & Natural Resources Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Animal & Food Sciences Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Anthropology Sandy Wenner 302-831-1851
Apparel Design Patricia Brinley 302-831-8714
Applied Nutrition Sue Coffing 302-831-2252
Art Art Department Please E-mail
Art Conservation Susan Behrens 302-831-8236
Art History Deb Morris 302-831-8415
Asian Studies Alice Ba 302-831-1937
Athletic Training Interest Kathy Masso 302-831-4909
Biochemistry Linda Staib 302-831-2465
Biological Sciences Patricia Walsh
Ramona Wilson
Please e-mail
Biomedical Engineering Michele Schwander 302-831-6234
Black American Studies Carol Henderson 302-831-2897
Business-Undeclared Laura Marino 302-831-2554
Chemical Engineering Please E-mail
Chemistry Linda Staib 302-831-2465
Civil Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 302-831-2442
Cognitive Science Robin Andreasen 302-831-2919
Communication Danielle Francisco or Susan Zarebicki or 302-831-0457 or 302-831-8041
Computer Engineering Debbie Nelson 302-831-3275
Computer Science Terry Harvey Please E-Mail
Criminal Justice Linda Keen
Christine Grott
Dietetics Sue Coffing 302-831-2252
Early Childhood Education Sarah Yarrusso 302-831-6500
Earth, Ocean & Environment Frank Newton 302-831-2841
Earth Science Education Frank Newton 302-831-2841
Economics Elizabeth Bayley Please E-mail
Electrical Engineering Debbie Nelson 302-831-3275
Elementary Teacher Education Vickie Lucas 302-831-8933
Energy & Environmental Policy Lado Kurdgelashvili Please E-mail
Engineering Undecided Please E-mail
English Susan Donley Please E-mail
Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation Tricia Monnig Please E-mail
Environmental and Resource Economics Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Environmental Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 302-831-2442
Environmental Science Colleen Leithren 302-831-2294
Environmental Soil Science Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
European Studies John Montano 302-831-0804
Exercise Science Kathy Masso 302-831-4909
Fashion Merchandising Patricia Brinley 302-831-8714
Finance/Financial Planning Patricia L Fox Please Email
Food & Agribusiness Marketing and Management Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Food Science Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Foreign Languages (all languages) Jissell Martinez 302-831-6882
Geography Colleen Leithren 302-831-2294
Geology Frank Newton 302-831-2841
Health & Physical Education Sue Coffing 302-831-2252
Health Behavior Science Sue Coffing 302-831-2252
History Cathy Allison Please E-mail
Hospitality Industry Studies Donna Laws 302-831-6747
Hotel, Restaurant, & Institutional Mgt. Donna Laws 302-831-6747
Human Services Cait Coster 302-831-6500
Information Systems Terry Harvey Please E-mail
Insect Ecology and Conservation Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
International Business Studies Laura Marino 302-831-2554
International Relations Barbara Ford 302-831-2355
Landscape Horticulture & Design Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Latin American & Iberian Studies Carla Guerron-Montero 302-831-1929  
Linguistics Robin Andreasen 302-831-2919  
Management Laura Marino 302-831-2554
Management Information Systems Eileen Sklodowski 302-831-2961
Marketing Laura Marino 302-831-2554
Mathematical Sciences Diane McMahon 302-831-4454
Mechanical Engineering Letitia Toto 302-831-2421
Medical Diagnostics (incl. Pre-Physician Asst.) Lisa Dougherty 302-831-2849
Medical Scholars Program (premedical studies) David Barlow
Laura Pawlowski
Medical Laboratory Sciences Lisa Dougherty 302-831-2849
Music Shari Eve Feldman 302-831-8426
Natural Resource Management Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Nursing Please E-mail
Nutritional Sciences Sue Coffing 302-831-2252
Occupational Therapy (Health Sciences) Randee Tobin Please E-mail
Operations Management Laura Marino 302-831-2554
Organizational and Community Leadership Tina Trimble 302-831-8415
Philosophy Kai Draper 302-831-8206
Physics Debra Morris Please E-mail
Plant Protection Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Plant Science Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Political Science Barbara Ford 302-831-2355
Pre-Veterinary Medicine & Animal Biosciencesences Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Psychology Dr. Agnes Ly Please E-mail
Public Policy Tina Trimble 302-831-8415
Sociology Linda Keen
Christine Grott
Sport Management Laura Marino 302-831-2554
Statistics Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Theater Allan Carlsen 302-831-1084
University Studies-Undeclared Karen Seymour 302-831-4555
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Theresa Cometa 302-831-2508
Women and Gender Studies Jennifer Naccarelli Please E-mail