Meet the staffTerri

Terri Lewis-King


Hometown:Philadelphia, PA

Educational background

B.A., Religious Studies with Concentration in Psychology, Gettysburg College        

Responsibilities &
recruitment territory

Director of the Blue Hen Ambassador Program and recruit and travel throughout Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery counties.

How did I get my nickname?

TLK came from the fact that I went through most of my schooling without a nickname. However, a friend in college used to call me by my full name as a joke because it was so long. Finally people started shortening it to my initials. Eventually it caught on with everyone and before I knew it I would answer to it more readily than my first name.

An interesting fact about the University that I discovered recently.

After a fairly long Friday at the office I was walking through the Trabant Center Student Union to head to my car. Not realizing it, I stumbled upon the entrance to the student-run Fashion Show! In the blink of an eye I had Friday evening plans. All the designers were students in UD’s Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising majors and the models were students across campus. People from the Newark community and family members packed the multi-purpose rooms for the spectacular event. Now I can cross off “Go to a fashion show” from my bucket list.

The best thing to see or do when visiting campus

Walk to Main Street for a bite to eat. Then grab some treats and take the long way back to the car to walk through The Green. Or in not so nice weather you can take a stroll through Memorial Hall and view the podium that holds names of Delawareans that gave their lives in World War I.

Words of advice for a student who is applying.

Do not submit your college essay without making sure that it fulfills the following:

  • 1. Grammatically correct
  • 2. Tells the reader something about you (as a person) that they would not learn from the other components of your application
  • 3. DOES NOT have the following phrase, “that’s why I want to attend the University of [blank]”.

  • Think about it, if your essay isn’t grammatically correct, chances are that you’re not serious about receiving a higher level of education. If your essay doesn’t say anything more about you than what your list of activities, your GPA, and SAT/ACT scores indicate than there was no reason for you writing it or someone reading it. And last, but certainly not finally, is that since you are likely to apply to more than one institution you increase the chances of sending your application to the University of Delaware with the essay that says, “that’s why I want to attend the University of [not Delaware].”

    The coolest Delaware experience

    Getting ice cream from UDairy Creamery on-campus. I suggest the student-created flavor, All Nighter!!

    Five “Firsts”

    First word-for-word memorized album: Legend – Bob Marley
    First musical instrument: recorder….favorite musical instrument = viola
    First plane ride: 3 months old
    First second language instruction: American Sign Language in sixth grade
    First place traveled to outside of the U.S.: Grand Cayman

    Five favorite songs on my play list

    "Wheel" - John Mayer
    "The Show Goes On" - Lupe Fiasco
    "Kiss" - the artist formerly known as Prince
    "The Circle of Life" - Soundtrack to The Lion King film
    "Himno del Centenario del Sevilla FC" - El Arrebato