male university of delaware college of engineering student working on a project

Add Your Vision For a Better World

Students and faculty at UD strive to make the world a more just place to live, protect the environment, design a new tomorrow, and keep our community safe. This is what we do.

Protecting the environment

Climate Action

Exploring changing sea ice in Antarctica:

Taking the Measure of Climate Change

Jack Stone, a meteorology and climatology major, is studying how short-term weather and the longer-term climate influence sea ice near the South Magnetic Pole in Antarctica. Though it is over 10,000 miles away, the changes in sea ice can affect Delaware and the U.S. Watch the video to see how.

Restoring the Environment a Backyard at a Time

Doug Tallamy, a professor of entomology, has been called by Mother Earth News “the inspirational leader of America’s native plant movement.” With his research he’s started a revolution, changing the ways people see their backyard, not only as a place for BBQs and a pool, but a space to give back to the earth.

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Design a new tomorrow

Technology and Innovation

Athletic Analytics

Students majoring in statistics are partnering with UD Athletics to help Blue Hens win games. Using sabermetrics (think Moneyball), students are evaluating troves of data on an athlete’s stress level, fitness, even the quality of their sleep to help trainers make the right decisions for athletes.

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automation to inspiration: robotics at UD:

Automation to Inspiration

What can a robot tell us about climate change or about the mobility of an elderly patient? Researchers and students at UD are using robots in surprising ways: from teaching children cybersecurity to monitoring crops and exploring the ocean.

Making a just world

Social Change

Adult Physical Fitness Center in the Tower at STAR

Our Community, Our Responsibility

To prevent gun violence and create safe spaces for children to play, the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the College of Health Sciences have collaborated to close down streets in Wilmington and set up temporary playgrounds, bringing community together.

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Jacqueline Means doing a fun science experiment

Promise of the Next Generation

Jacqueline Means grew up in a neglected neighborhood in Wilmington, an area of high crime, low wages and low graduation rates. It’s an area where many children don’t see a future that includes college, and where many young girls have never believed they could work in the sciences. She is changing that.

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Keep our community safe


COVID Canines

Since COVID-19 has a scent, even when patients are asymptomatic, dogs can sniff it out. Michele Maughan, a University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources alumna, is working with the United States Army to train working dogs to detect the virus.

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hands-on learning critical for health sciences during covid-19:

The Lab is Calling

What quarantine and the pandemic taught the students in the UD College of Health Sciences was not only how vital their profession and their passion was to the health of their community, but that nothing can keep them from the lab.