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Technology Support for Study Abroad Participants

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Traveling Internationally?

This website provides technology support considerations for UD faculty, staff and students when participating in programs around the world. Tips, terminology and points to consider are provided so you can make an informed choice on how to meet your data and voice communication needs.

Data Communications:
What are the technology / computing requirements and how will I complete them?

Depending on your program, your data communication needs may range from minimal to extensive. Technology accommodations WILL VARY from location to location. IT has prepared a Technology Support Brochure to take with you as a reminder of the important points.

Before traveling abroad, ask your faculty program coordinator for:

  • Details on the extent of computing that will be required
  • What software is needed to complete course requirements
  • An overview of the computing facilities available to you in the foreign location and their hours of operation. The technology coordinator at the remote location should be able to provide this.

Voice Communications:
How will I communicate with my group abroad and with those at home in the U.S?

Check out the Voice Communications Roadmap BEFORE you leave home! Several options may be available, depending on your needs and trip destination.