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A complete application includes an online application form, one recommendation, a first deposit, an official transcript (non-UD students only), an interview and, if you'd like to apply for a scholarship award, a scholarship essay. The application asks for biographical and personal information, all of which will be kept confidential. Acceptance on study abroad is not final until a comprehensive judicial review has been completed, which sometimes happens after a preliminary acceptance.

Program fees are subject to change until the group's departure date. Final program fees may be increased due to airline taxes, fuel surcharges, exchange rates, or changes in the group size.

Deadlines: All materials listed below must be received by these deadlines
Before completing the application form, gather this information:
  • Your current GPA (login to UDSIS here)
  • Name/policy # of your health insurance
  • Names of medications you're taking
If you are not a current UD student: You must first complete the Quick Bio Form to create a record in UD's system. Remember your username and password/PIN, which you will use to login to the study abroad application.
  • After completing the on-line application, ask your recommender to complete our on-line recommendation form
  • 1 recommendation required for all applicants (including those applying for a scholarship)
    • Must come from a professor who knows you and your work
    • For foreign language programs, should come from a language professor (not TA)
    • Only first-semester freshmen may ask a high school teacher or guidance counselor to recommend them
  • On the application, you will be asked, "do you waive the right to have access to the information provided in your letter of recommendation?" - be sure to tell your recommender about your right to see their letter
  • Give your recommender enough time to complete your our form before the deadline.
  • Remember that it's your responsibility to make sure your recommendation is received by the deadline.
  • All initial deposits must be paid by the application deadline for the program or scholarship competition. To show your commitment to the program, pay your initial deposit as soon as possible after submitting your application (we recommend within 3 working days).
    • All applicants:
    • All applicants from other universities:
      • Please send a copy of your official transcript to:
      • Institute for Global Studies
      • 26 E. Main Street
      • Newark, DE 19716
    • note: you cannot pay by credit card
  • Deposits are refundable only if you are not accepted into the program
Contact: Ruthie Toole or Lorraine Grube
    Univ. of Delaware, IGS
    Elliott Hall, 26 East Main Street
    Newark, DE 19716
    (302) 831-2852
  • UD funding is available to University of Delaware undergraduates through three scholarship award programs - Global Citizenship Awards, Global Scholars Awards and FYE Study Abroad Scholarships (read complete details here)
  • Students complete the same materials for all scholarship award competitions, although the deadlines differ (Global Citizenship Award materials are due earlier)
  • To apply for a scholarship award, complete this scholarship essay form after you have applied for a program
  • Deadlines for applications may be extended, but deadlines for scholarship materials will not
  • Wait to be contacted by your faculty director to schedule an interview
  • Some faculty conduct interviews on a rolling basis, others wait until after the application deadline, while a few choose not to interview their applicants - trust that you will be contacted by email at the appropriate time
  • Come to the interview prepared to talk about why you'd like to participate and what you're expecting from the program
Ready to apply:
  • If you have difficulty submitting the form, do not submit it twice - contact our office for assistance (302-831-2852 or
  • Once the form is submitted, it's final, so fill it out carefully!
  • Remember, Non-UD students must first complete this Quick Biographic form to gain access to UD's computer system. You will need an official username and password/PIN to login to the application below.
  • Application form
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