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Global Scholars Award

Deadline: April 15, 2014


Note: International Faculty Research Awards are now classified as Global Scholars Awards


Program Overview:

The Institute for Global Studies’ Global Scholars Award is a competitive program that provides full-time faculty up to $10,000 for global research and scholarship related to one of the six following themes: 1) Food and Nutrition; 2) Energy and Infrastructure; 3) Human Security and Governance; 4) Arts and Culture; 5) Global Health; and 6) Education and Engagement. Proposals are encouraged from any of these areas.

Decisions will be made based on the quality of the proposed scholarship rather than the specific thematic area selected. While priority will be given to proposals with an academic focus in Africa and/or South America, all proposals will be considered for funding.

Funds may be used for travel, research costs, salary, stipends, and other expenses directly related to the proposed activities (please note that F&A/overhead is prohibited). No cost share is required. There is a cap of $5,000 plus fringe benefits for faculty salary or course buyouts per award. Faculty teams may apply for a joint award, but the salary/buyout limits still apply. Preference will be given to faculty who have not received awards from IGS in the last three years. The award period runs from June 1, 2014-August 31, 2015.

At the conclusion of the award period, all Global Scholar Award recipients will be required to: 1) Participate in a Global Scholars colloquium hosted by IGS; and 2) Write a brief 4-5 page synopsis of the project.

Submission Requirements

Proposals must include:

  1. An abstract (no more than 250 words) that clearly identifies the thematic focus and geographic location of proposed activities.
  2. A proposal summary (no more than 1,500 words) that discusses: a) the nature of the planned scholarly inquiry; b) the significance this project; c) expected outcomes (e.g., grant proposal, scholarly paper, etc.).
  3. A budget: please provide exact amounts and justification for all associated costs.


Questions and completed proposals should be sent to Dan Bottomley (, Associate Director for Research, Grants, and Partnerships, by April 15th. All proposals will be reviewed by the IGS Advisory Board, and final decisions will be made by May 15th or earlier.


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