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Freshman Class Profile

Profile of the Class of 2018

The University of Delaware received 26,580 applications for its Fall 2014 freshman class:

Number of New Freshmen (Newark Campus)


Percent from minority groups


(African American, Asian American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Latino, Native American...and NRAs)

Number of Freshmen Delawareans (Newark Campus)


The University of Delaware admits all Delawareans whose academic records predict success. Approximately 70% of the Delawarean applicants were offered admission to the Newark campus, and more than 20% were admitted to the Associate in Arts program at Georgetown, Dover, or Wilmington

Number of Out-of-State Freshmen


For the fall of 2014, 60% of the out-of-state students were admitted. Below are approximate ranges for grade point averages and the standardized test scores of the middle 50% of our out-of-state applicants who were offered Fall 2014 admission:

High School Grade Point Average (calculated in a 4.0 scale, academic courses only*)

Middle 50% of admitted freshmen


Two year average for students admitted to the Honors Program


SAT Reasoning Test (based on the best sub-scores from all tests taken)

Middle 50% of admitted freshmen


Three year average of students admitted to the Honors Program


Average ACT Composite (includes the ACT equivalents of SAT scores)

Average of admitted freshmen


Three year average of students admitted to the Honors Program


* Honors students

Art and Apparel Design Applicants

Candidates for admission into Art (including BA in Fine Arts, BFA in Fine Arts, and the BFA in Visual Communications) and Apparel Design must submit the Common Application including the "Art Supplement." Within the Art Supplement, applicants will submit a digital portfolio demonstrating creative experience and ability along with a related essay. Portfolios should be submitted by November 1 for Spring transfer consideration, January 15 for Freshman consideration, and May 1 for Fall Transfer consideration. Portfolio requirements for admission into Art can be found here. Portfolio requirements for admission into Apparel Design can be found here

Home-Schooled Students OR
Students from Schools that are not Regionally Accredited

Each year, some of our best candidates for admission are students who have been home-schooled.  Dozens of home-schooled undergraduates are currently enrolled at all class levels at the University of Delaware.  Approximately half of them are on the dean’s list.

To help us evaluate home-schooled applicants, we ask that students provide reading lists for the home-schooled courses they have completed along with a transcript of their grades.  A sample portfolio of your work or a sample research paper you have written is often helpful to the Admissions Committee.

We also ask that, in addition to the SAT Reasoning Test, home-schooled applicants submit officially reported scores for at least two SAT Subject Tests of their choice.  In lieu of the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Test, you may submit an officially reported ACT score, as long as it includes the ACT Writing Test.  The ACT Assessment covers English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing.  These additional scores will help us gauge a home-schooled student’s mastery of various subjects.

Students who attend high schools that are not regionally accredited should follow these same recommendations that we are giving to home-schooled students.

University Honors Program

The Honors Program at the University of Delaware is one of the oldest in the U.S. Enrolling approximately 450 freshman each year, UD's Honors Program is for students who have excelled in high school /and/ want to stretch themselves academically during their college career. A typical Honors applicant has taken advantage of opportunities for further engagement and is looking to continue those experiences in college. In Honors courses students are expected to be active in their own learning and to be far-reaching and demanding of themselves in their efforts. Honors faculty have higher expectations of them, creating a culture of academic debate and achievement. The students themselves -- an interesting mix of talents and intellect -- are the heart of the program.

To be considered for admission to the Honors Program, students must complete the Common Application, answering "yes" to the Honors interest question in the "Academics" section, and penning one of the following Honors essays with a 250-word minimum/500-word maximum response.

Music Applicants

Candidates for admission into Music must submit the Common Application including the "Art Supplement." Applicants are also required to audition. Audition dates for 2014-2015 are February 2-7 as well as by appointment.  To schedule your audition or to discuss alternatives if you are unable to come to campus, please call (302) 831-8426. Audition information can be found online.
Not every instrument will be available to audition every day, due to professors' availability. Please visit the Department of Music website ( for instrument-specific audition dates for the 2013-2014 admission season.

Occupational Therapy (Health Sciences) Applicants

Candidates for admission to the 3+2 Occupational Therapy-Health Sciences program (in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson University) must provide us with an additional essay within the Common Application, no later than January 15, sharing their interest in a career in the Occupational Therapy profession. Finalists will be selected from the applicant pool to interview with faculty and staff at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA in late February.

Undergraduate Admission

The Common Application

The University of Delaware exclusively accepts the Common Application. All applicants must submit the Common Application online. Please review all UD requirements here and apply via The Common Application website.

Application to the University of Delaware is competitive. Each year we receive more than 26,000 applications for a freshman class of 3,800 students. The application deadline is January 15, although you are encouraged to submit your application early in your senior year. Decisions are typically made eight to 12 weeks after all application materials are received. Applicants who submit all materials by the deadline will receive a response no later than April 1. (Please note that an initial admissions decision may be a “withhold” decision, in which a student is asked to provide more information to the Office of Admissions.)

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Freshmen Checklist