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Resident Assistant Position

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a resident assistant for Residence Life & Housing. We believe the RA position is one of the most challenging and rewarding leadership experiences on campus. Here you will find information on discovering more about the RA postion, how to apply, and how to prepare to be a resident assistant.

RA Info Sessions

We encourage you to attend an information session within the complex for which you are most interested in working:


Rodney Dinning Hall (The Corner)


Warner Hall Lounge


Ray Street C Lounge

How to Apply

Please review the Conditions of Appointment and Position Description for job-specific information.

Your references will be contacted automatically via e-mail when you submit your application. They will receive a link to an on-line recommendation form that will be attached to your on-line application.

If you encounter technical difficulties, please first call our office for guidance. The online application and recommendations are strongly preferred. The paper application and reference form are available as a backup option only.

RA Preparation Workshops:

As you take part in the RA Selection Process, we recognize that many of you will be developing a resume and going through a competitive interview process for the first time. Through a collaborative effort with the Career Services Center, RA Candidate Workshops have been established to help you prepare and succeed in the application and interview process.

RA Resume Workshops 2014-15

RA Interview Workshops 2014-15



Workshops will be held at the Career Services Center workshop room.


Please feel free to contact Ivet Ziegelbauer Tweedy or any staff member if you have questions.