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The University of Delaware attracts smart, creative, well-rounded individuals from across the globe. We admit students that we believe will be successful academically and will contribute to the UD community and the world. Are you UD? Apply today and find out.


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What we consider

The University of Delaware seeks academically ambitious and creative applicants from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and geographic regions. Here is the profile of our current freshman class.

Grades and Course Selection

1. The Admissions Committee first considers the rigor of your high school course selection (enriched, honors, AP, IB, etc.) through senior year. The number of academic courses you have taken is also important.

2. More important to the Admissions Committee than a cumulative grade point average are the individual grades you have earned in core academic courses (English, math, science, social studies, history, foreign language) in grades 9 through 12 and your trend in grades.

3. Unless they are also taking college courses off campus, seniors need to complete at least four units during their senior year, but are strongly urged to complete at least five. Students taking fewer than five academic units generally face a very difficult transition to college.

High School Course Requirements and Recommendations

The University expects all applicants to have completed strong college preparatory course work at an accredited secondary school or certified home school program, including at least 18 credits of post-eighth-grade course work in the academic subjects noted on the following chart.

The following criteria represent the minimum requirements to be considered for admission. The academic profiles of most candidates exceed the minimum requirements.

Subject -- English
Years Required -- 4
Years Recommended -- 4

Subject -- Mathematics
Years Required -- 3
Years Recommended -- 4

Subject -- Science
Years Required -- 3
(2 must include lab)
Years Recommended -- 4
(3 must include lab)

Subject -- History/Social Sciences
Years Required -- 4*
Years Recommended -- 4*

Subject -- Foreign Languages
Years Required -- 2† of same
Years Recommended -- 4 of same

Subject -- Academic Electives
Years Required -- 2 Units
Years Recommended -- 2

Total -- 18–22 units *

* at least two of the units must be history, and one of those must be world history. An additional year of math or science may be substituted for the 4th year of social science.

† Foreign language courses taken before the ninth grade do not count.

Please note that:

Prospective majors in mathematics, engineering, business, computer science, and natural science should complete four years of mathematics, including trigonometry, pre-calculus, and/or calculus.

Prospective majors in biology, chemistry, physics and all prospective majors in Engineering are expected to take at least one year each of biology, physics, and chemistry, and are strongly urged to take two years of a laboratory science.

Prospective majors in nursing must have completed at least one year of both biology and chemistry, and are strongly urged to take two years of chemistry.


Essays, Extracurricular and Community Involvement, and Letters of Recommendation

1. Essays are an important part of our application review and are required for all applicants. Transcripts, activities, and even awards may look similar from one applicant to another, but the essay can be that one defining element that sets an applicant apart.

2. At least one letter of recommendation from an academic source is required for all applicants. Most submit more than one letter.

3. While extracurricular and community involvement and recommendations are important, they cannot make up for weak grades and/or standardized test scores.

Standardized Test Scores

1. For admission consideration, the SAT Reasoning Test and/or ACT (with Writing) must be submitted. Test scores without a writing component will not be accepted. Two SAT Subject Tests of the student’s choosing are recommended, especially for Honors Program applicants.

2. We will combine the best individual scores from tests taken.

3. Weight given to the SAT or ACT depends on the strength of the student’s high school performance. Excellent grades in a challenging curriculum may compensate for somewhat weaker scores.

4.The SAT code for Delaware is 5811 and the ACT code is 0634.

Personal Conduct

As it evaluates an application, the Admissions Committee always reserves the right to consider personal conduct and ethical behavior as a factor in its decision.

Intended Major

1. Applicants must select a first choice major and are encouraged to include an alternate major they are interested in as well.

2. The Admissions Committee will always consider applicants for their first choice major. However there are times applicants will be admitted to their alternate interest when appropriate.

3. Freshman applicants who are unsure about a major or want to explore our curricular offerings should apply to University Studies-Undeclared.



Fall Application Dates

January 15

Application deadline for freshmen

May 1

Deposit Deadline for freshmen
Application deadline for transfers


Supplemental Deadlines for Special Programs

January 15

Apparel Design Portfolio Deadline

Art Portfolio Deadline

January 15

Music Major: Request an Audition


Spring Application Dates

November 1

Spring 2016 Application Deadline

The University of Delaware is a member of the Common Application.


Fall Financial Aid Deadlines

January 1

FAFSA Filing (ASAP after January 1)

February 15

Recommended deadline for filing FAFSA

March 15

Final Filing date for FAFSA to improve chances of receiving need-based financial aid

Application for Undergraduate Admission

The Common Application

The University of Delaware exclusively accepts the Common Application. All applicants must submit the Common Application online. Please review all UD requirements here and apply via The Common Application website.


Freshman Applicants

Application to the University of Delaware is competitive. Each year we receive more than 26,000 applications for a freshman class of 3,800 students. The application deadline is January 15, although you are encouraged to submit your application early in your senior year.

Please be aware that an initial admission response is typically made 8 to 12 weeks after all application materials are received. Be sure to watch for an update stating that your application is now under review. In some cases, an initial response may be that additional time and/or materials are needed before a final decision is made.

Review information and apply as a Freshman applicant


Transfer Applicants

Review information and apply as a Transfer applicant


International Applicants

Review information and apply as an International applicant


Additional Forms

Distance Learning Application

"Over 60" Application

(for Delaware residents only)

Readmission Application

"" Online version

Students who were previously enrolled in a degree program at the University of Delaware and wish to return to the University after an absence of 15 months or more, as well as those who have already earned a degree from the University of Delaware, should complete the Readmission Application