Wellness Plus

Cost: 75 Wellness Dollars

Due to overwhelming response and a supply disruption from the Fitbit manufacturer, registration for Wellness Plus is now closed. Please check back in February 2015 if you would like to register for the spring wellness challenge.

When you register for Wellness Plus, you receive a package of wellness programs for the year at a discounted price. You’re also assured of completely utilizing your wellness benefit in one easy transaction. This special offer is available through Friday, Sept. 19th.

This year’s Wellness Plus package includes both the fall and spring wellness challenges and a Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker which you can use during the challenges. The cost of purchasing these programs separately is $90.

Here are the details:

  • Walktober- Fall Walking Challenge, plus a Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker
    Sept. 29-Nov. 23, 2014
    Cost: $65 Wellness Dollars (stand-alone cost)

     You receive 8 weeks of access to an online portal that includes social networking tools, recipes and wellness tips and tracks your steps from your Fitbit. The Fitbit tracker displays daily steps, distance covered, calories burned and the time. Click here learn more about the Walktober challenge and the Fitbit Zip tracker.

  • Passport Round Trip to Health- Spring Wellness Challenge
    Mar. 23- May 17, 2015
    Cost: $25 Wellness Dollars
    (stand-alone cost)
    Passport is an exciting world travel-themed adventure to better health. Similar to the fall program, you’ll get 8 weeks of access to online tracking, social networking tools, recipes and wellness tips. You can track your steps and visit beautiful well known international tourist spots as well as hidden gems by practicing a variety of healthy habits that keep you feeling your best.