Other Services

Health screenings are offered at different times throughout the year, allowing employees to be proactive in their preventive healthcare. Health screenings may include blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, hearing, posture and osteoporosis, etc.

Know Your Numbers

Cost: $15 Wellness Dollars

For your convenience, the “Know Your Numbers” screening is available in the Employee Fitness Center at Carpenter Sports Building, by appointment. This screening entails a small fingerstick and will tell you your Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, and Blood Pressure.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Cost: $10 Wellness Dollars

Ongoing blood pressure monitoring is available in the Employee Fitness Center at Carpenter Sports Building, by appointment. Have your blood pressure checked once a week for 8 weeks by our professional staff. You will receive a wallet card to record your measurements, which can be shared with your health care provider.

Desktop Yoga

Why stretch

Prolonged sitting can lead to imbalances of strength and flexibility in your neck, shoulders, back and hip joints. Fortunately, you do not have to work out to counteract these effects. Recent research suggests that getting up from your desk for just 1-2 minutes each hour to walk and/or stretch can reduce symptoms of back and neck pain and reduce the biomarkers for chronic diseases. Bottom line- the more you move, the better you’ll feel at work.


Schedule a 30-minute Desktop Yoga stretch break for your office. A member of the HealthyU staff will share highlights about the importance of stretching, lead your group through a 20-minute series of stretches to relaxing music, and answer any questions you may have. A 3-page stretching handout is provided.

Re-energize your work day with some easy stretches you can do at your desk. Follow along with these 2-minute videos or do as many repetitions as you wish.

Chair Massage

Why chair massage at work

Chair massage sessions of 10-15 minutes can counteract the negative impacts of prolonged sitting. You’ll return to your work relaxed, refreshed and ready to go. Benefits of massage include improved posture and circulation, pain management, relaxed muscles, improved flexibility and range of motion, and relief of tension-related headaches.

We have identified local licensed massage therapists who are willing to come to campus and provide chair massages for groups of employees in their offices. These therapists have provided the University with a signed agreement for services, and copies of their massage therapy license and required liability insurance.

If you would like a licensed massage therapist to provide this service for your department, office or group, you will be responsible for making specific arrangements directly with the therapists listed below. This includes providing a location for the therapist to work and payment. Wellness Dollars may not be used to pay for chair massages. Payment will be made directly to the therapist from the individuals or groups that request their services.