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'Healthy Living' proposals

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Delaware 4-H seeks UD proposals for 2017 Youth Adult Partnership Conference

The Delaware 4-H Program will host the 2017 Youth Adult Partnership Conference, with the theme “Ride the Wave to Healthy Living,” from Nov. 10-12 at the Atlantic Sands Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and is seeking presentation proposals from the University of Delaware community.

The weekend conference will bring together 150-200 youth and volunteers who will pair up in teams of two-to-four teens with an adult volunteer or staff member from the Northeast Region.

Those teams will participate in workshops to get the latest information on healthy living and bring the ideas back to their communities for projects to improve the health of participants’ schools and communities. 

The conference committee is currently seeking proposals from the University community for 75-minute workshop presentations that involve active learning with a focus on Healthy Living content.

The workshops will take place on Saturday, Nov. 11, with time slots available from 9-10:15 a.m., 10:30-11:45 a.m. and 2:30-3:45 p.m.

The workshops will also be a way to model best practices for working in a youth/adult partnership within 4-H clubs and other organizations serving young people.

Workshops can be led by members of the UD community individually or as co-presenters to teach the healthy living content and model best practices for working together.

Proposals are due by Friday, March 31.

For those interested in submitting a proposal, contact Betsy Morris at betsym@udel.edu or call 302-831-8864 to obtain a 4-H Youth Adult Partnership proposal form.

Registration materials for the conference will be available June 15 on the 4-H website

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