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New 2017 Secure UD Training

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Phase I of 2017 Secure UD Training will be released next month

In 2016, stories about high-profile cyberattacks on targeting businesses, schools and even government officials flooded the news. Unfortunately, these trends are continuing; hackers and other cybercriminals are always looking for ways to steal information or even devices.

In order to protect the campus community from increasing cyber threats, the University of Delaware is refreshing Secure UD Training for 2017. Ongoing security training helps keep the community aware of cyber threats and the best practices for protecting members from them.

Secure UD Training, introduced in 2014, is the University’s information security awareness training program. It’s a modular, online and self-paced program that empowers employees by providing the knowledge and skills to address cybersecurity risks and protect themselves and the University community.

Following last year’s format, 2017 Secure UD Training will be delivered in phases that organize training modules into shorter, more convenient chunks.

• Phase I of 2017 Secure UD Training will become available next month and run through the spring and summer semesters 2017.

• Phase II will be made available for the fall semester 2017 and Winter Session 2018.

“As cyberattacks continue to exploit individuals, organizations and our nation, it’s more important than ever that we keep aware of these threats,” said Jason Cash, acting vice president for information technologies. “We in IT are pleased to offer training to help employees protect themselves, our University and our community on an ongoing basis.”

2016 Secure UD Training will remain available until Feb. 28.

2017 Secure UD Training will be released during the first week of March.

Employees can log in, complete their 2016 Secure UD Training and explore other cybersecurity resources at the Secure UD website.

Employees enrolled in Secure UD Training will receive an email from noreply@securingthehuman.org during the first week of March as training becomes available.

Those with questions about Secure UD Training can contact the IT Support Center.

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