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New undergraduate summer program launched in cognitive and brain sciences

Few things are more mysterious than the human brain. But thanks to powerful new research tools and techniques, neuroscientists are making significant headway in understanding how the brain functions.

This summer, a new program offered by the Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences at the University of Delaware will provide undergraduates with a glimpse at how scientists study the inner workings of the brain.

The first UD Summer Workshop in Brain and Cognitive Sciences will take place on the Newark campus from June 5-16. Applications are now being accepted through March 1.

The program’s director, Jared Medina, assistant professor of psychology and brain sciences at UD, says he is looking for curious, engaged undergraduates who have an interest in how the brain works.

“Applicants do not need any prior research experience or even coursework in neuroscience,” Medina said. “We are just looking for a diverse group of students who are eager to explore what brain science is all about.”

The workshop will introduce participants to cognitive neuroscience via lectures, hands-on labs and discussions led by UD faculty. Students will have opportunities to learn about research techniques such as brain imaging and brain stimulation.

The program is supported by a National Science Foundation EPSCoR (Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) grant. The grant covers all expenses for the participants, including travel, housing and meals for the two-week program.

In addition, funding is available for a few participants to continue in paid research internships throughout the summer. Medina says that students interested in these internships should have an idea of which UD faculty member they would like to work with at UD prior to applying.

For more information about the workshop or to access the online application form, visit the program’s webpage. Questions about the program may be addressed to brainworkshop@psych.udel.edu.

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