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Returning Students

Housing Preferences: Groups



Have a group of friends you'd like to live with next year? All returning students are eligible to form groups.

Roommate Group: 2-4 students who want to live together.

The group will not be required to fill all rooms. However, no single rooms will be open to groups.



As Group Leader, you have a little power and a LOT of responsibility.

The Group Leader does not need to have the highest priority. (See Group Priority below.)

During the Application, the Group Leader will log in and create the group with a username and a password.

Then he or she will share the name and password with the group members.

The Group Leader cannot add members to the group. However, the Leader can remove members and delete the group.

The Group Leader is also responsible for assigning all members of the group during Room Selection.


Once you log in and join the group that the Group Leader has created, everyone in the group will receive an email letting them know that you have joined.

Group activity (new members joining, members leaving, group being deleted) will be reported to all members via email.

Each student in the group will be assigned to a room by the Group Leader during Room Selection.




If you want to find someone to fill out a larger group, you will be able to search using our new roommate matching tool.

You can do a simple search and get a list of possible roommates and how compatible they are.

Found someone you want to connect with? You can message others within the system and learn more about them.


Group priority is determined by an average of group members' priorities.

Priority is based first on class year (regardless of credit count). Students are then sorted by total number of Priority Points (the more Priority Points, the earlier your time slot), then by cumulative credit hours.

The group time slot to self-select spaces will be emailed to the Group Leader before Room Selection.







Students who currently live in upperclass buildings may be able to Return to Room or Return to Building. See the Returning Student Sign Up Guide for more information about this option. >>

You may Return to Room with or without a roommate. You may browse for a roommate and create a group with the student returning to room as the Group Leader.

If you opt to Return to Building, you will indicate it in this step, but will need to log in to My Housing in March to select a room. Return to Building will be assigned the earliest time slots. The Group Leader should be a student returning to building.


Students who would like to live in a Living Learning Experience or Theme Housing will indicate that in their Housing Preferences and submit an essay where applicable. Students applying to Other Housing Opportunties may form

Housing Options for 2015-2016 included:






Every student must answer a handful of room type profile questions designed to help match compatible roommates.

You are required to complete this step regardless of your intention to live with a specific roommate or group.

You can search for additional group members within the portal. Compatibility is indicated as a percentage match between your answers and potential roommate's/group member's answers to the profile questions.

Found someone you want to connect with? You can message others within the system and learn more about them.


Students should review the Student Housing Contract for 2015-2016. Remember, the Student Housing Contract is a financially binding contract, similar to signing an off-campus lease.