Vendor FAQs
What does Net 45 mean? [Expand]
Payment will be issued 45 days after the date on the correctly prepared University invoice.
Where should I submit my invoice for prompt payment? [Expand]
As instructed on your University-issued purchase order, scan and send purchase order invoices directly to rather than to any ordering department. Have the appropriate purchase order number referenced on the invoice for timely payment.
What if a vendor has a contract with the University of Delaware with payment terms that are different from the default of Net 45 days? When can the vendor expect payment? [Expand]
The negotiated, agreed upon payment terms specified in the executed agreement will be followed.
I am a current supplier of the University of Delaware, and I am interested in changing my method of payment to credit card through the electronic payer direct hub. How do I go about making this change? [Expand]
We will be happy to explain the process. Contact the Procurement office at 831-2161 or
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