Works FAQs
How do I get into WORKS? [Expand]
Once you complete the Credit Card Services Webform and it routes through all the necessary approvals, you will receive a "Welcome to Works" email. This email will contain your new user information which you will then use to log in. The email will be from "UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT". Do not delete it.
Do I have to sign off on my charges in WORKS or can someone else do it? [Expand]
Each card holder must sign off on his or her own charges.
Does the allocation process take place within WORKS? [Expand]
Yes! Allocation is done within WORKS.
What's the difference between Egencia and WORKS [Expand]
Egencia is a full-service travel agency. WORKS is the online business expense tool used to sign off on your UD Credit Card charges and enter your reimbursement requests.
I forgot my password. How do I find out what it is? [Expand]
You will need to reset your password. To do this, click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the Works login screen, then follow the instructions.
I answered my security question correctly. Why did the system tell me it was wrong? [Expand]
When you first set up the security question, you may have typed the answer differently. Example: What was the color of your first car? Blue. When asked the question again, you may have typed "blue" using a lower case "b". The answers are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as they were in the original setup.
What are my limits and/or is my card open for travel? [Expand]
Log into Works and click on the Home Page button (the house icon). This will bring up your profile in which you will see your cycle limit (CL), single purchase limit (SPL), and the assigned functionality of your card. GENPUR is general purchases; TVL is travel.
My card is declining. I haven't signed off on my charges yet this month -- could that be the problem? [Expand]
Yes, most likely, especially if it has been an entire month. The cycle runs from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the following month. You need to sign off during this period or your card will not replenish.
I am trying to fill out a reimbursement on behalf of someone else but it is my name that appears in the 'Reimburse' field. Is this a problem? [Expand]
No. That field defaults to the name of the person filling out the form. 'Payee Name' and 'Payee ID' are the fields that determine who gets reimbursed.
How do I know if I have transactions requiring sign off? [Expand]
Once a week, reminder emails are sent to those who have transactions requiring sign off. The transactions in question are listed within the email.
What if the accounting information is wrong for a transaction on which I, as a manager, sign off? [Expand]
If you notify Procurement (831-2159) before 4:00pm the same day, the allocation can be corrected; otherwise, your department will need to do a journal voucher to make the correction.
What if I forget my Username? [Expand]
Usernames are the first initial of the card holder's first name, followed by the last name. The username must be at least six characters long. If your first initial + last name adds to fewer than six characters, add 1s to the end until you have a six character string. If this doesn't work, please contact Procurement Services at 831-2161 or via email at
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