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FAQ — Blue Hen Market  
Blue Hen Market Questions:

Can I use my UD username and password to log on at the different vendor sites? [Expand]

You will need to register at the vendor's website, at which time you will establish a username and password. If you prefer, these can be identical to your UD username and password.

Can I still order from internal suppliers (e.g. University Printing, Campus Delivery, Lock Shop, etc.)? [Expand]

Yes! See the Request for Services section for a list of internal suppliers and Webform links.

Why do some vendors have two links? [Expand]

The presence of two links usually indicates the need for first time users to establish a profile (username and password) prior to ordering.

Can I use Blue Hen Market to order from the bookstore? [Expand]

The bookstore is not part of Blue Hen Market; however, you may still use your UD Credit Card while visiting the bookstore.