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FAQ — Credit Cards  
Credit Card Questions:

How do I get a card? [Expand]

Complete the UD Credit Card Enrollment Web Form. We also require that you view the appropriate online tutorials.

Who is eligible to receive a UD Credit Card with travel & entertainment functionality? [Expand]

All UD employees are eligible.

I already have a UD Credit Card, but now I need to add the travel & entertainment functionality. Can my current card be modified to include travel or do I have to get a new one? [Expand]

Your existing card can be adjusted to include travel. Please complete a UD Credit Card Enrollment Web Form which will ask you what type of functionality you need (select "Procurement and Travel Functionality").

Can I get a cash advance card if I already have a UD Credit Card? [Expand]


Can the cash advance card be used for cash? [Expand]

Yes. On the card application, there's a place to indicate what percentage of the total amount will be taken as cash. This is for out-of-pocket expenses that can not be paid by credit card, e.g. tolls, housekeeping tips, etc.

I viewed the recommended tutorials, familiarized myself with the University's travel policy, and registered with Egencia; however, I have not received my card. What did I do wrong? [Expand]

Possibly nothing. Please check the routing on your web form — it could be sitting in your approver's inbox, in which case you might need to remind him or her to sign off.

How long will it take to get my card? [Expand]

In general, you should allow one week for processing and receipt of the card. If you already have a UD Credit Card to which you are adding travel and entertainment functionality, please allow two days for processing.

I applied for a card. Will it be mailed to me? [Expand]

You will need to come by Procurement Services to pick up your card. We are located in the General Services Building at 222 South Chapel Street in Newark. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Who is eligible to receive a cash advance card? [Expand]

All UD employees are eligible, as are graduate students under contract. However, cash advance cards are intended for the 'infrequent' traveler. An individual who travels often as part of his or her job here at UD should apply for a UD Credit Card with travel & entertainment functionality added.

How do I dispute a transaction? [Expand]

This is done within Works, the online expense reporting tool. Once you have logged in and are viewing your transactions, select the transaction you want to dispute, then click on the white 'Dispute' button in the Details section below.