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FAQ — Cash Advances   
Cash Advance Questions:

How do I get a cash advance? [Expand]

Please complete a UD Credit Card Enrollment Web Form and select 'Cash Advance Card Only' from the dropdown menu. You must also view the appropriate online tutorials.

Who is eligible to receive a Cash Advance Card? [Expand]

All UD employees are eligible, as are graduate students under contract. Contact the Procurement Services Card Program Administrator at 831-2159 to discuss the multiple uses for Cash Advance Cards and how they can assist you.

Can I get a Cash Advance Card if I already have a UD Credit Card? [Expand]


Can the Cash Advance Card be used for cash? [Expand]

Absolutely. On the card application, there's a place to indicate what percentage of the total amount will be taken as cash. This is for out-of-pocket expenses that cannot be paid by credit card, e.g. tolls, housekeeping tips, etc.

I applied for a Cash Advance Card. Will it be mailed to me? [Expand]

For security reasons, we do not send cards through campus mail; cards are sent via messenger to your Card Administrator.

How long does it take to get a Cash Advance Card? [Expand]

Whenever possible, please allow five working days from the time your web form clears the chain of approvals.

Can I use a Cash Advance Card to purchase a ticket on Egencia? [Expand]

Yes! Note that you must first register with Egencia and build your profile.

What if I am abroad and I suddenly find that my Cash Advance Card doesn't work? [Expand]

Should you encounter any difficulty, please call the number on the back of the card (i.e. the customer service number for Bank of America). If Bank of America is unable to resolve the problem without UD intervention, contact the University at 302-831-2161 or 302-831-2159 during working hours; during off hours, contact campus security at 302-831-2222 and explain that you are having difficulty with the UD Cash Advance Card. They will have a call list for Procurement and will be able to reach someone who can help you. In the event that email is a more convenient communication method for you, contact for assistance.

What if I receive my Cash Advance Card but discover, while traveling, that I have underestimated the amount of cash I need? [Expand]

Please contact your department to request an increase. Once they approve your request, Procurement will put the additional funds on your card.

How do I change my PIN? [Expand]

Call the number on the back of your card (or visit a branch location, e.g. Greenville).