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fax: 770-955-4491

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University of Delaware
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Office of Communications & Marketing
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University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716 • USA
Phone: (302) 831-2791
Licensing Agreement Options

There are three options in pursuing a license with the University of Delaware and The Collegiate Licensing Company.

Standard License
The Standard License is intended for companies that are capable of extensive production and retail distribution of their product(s) and/or are introducing a unique and commercially viable product to the collegiate market.

Local License
The Local License is for companies that desire to obtain a license with the University and are located in the University of Delaware's immediate in-state marketplace.

Internal Campus Supplier License
The Internal Campus Supplier License is for companies that wish to produce items purchased by University of Delaware for internal use only. An Internal Campus Supplier Licensee is not permitted to sell product(s) to retailers, direct to consumers, to nonexempt school departments, or to any entity unrelated to an institution.

Commercial Use
To obtain details concerning licensing royalties, rates and procedures for commercial enterprises, contact:
The Collegiate Licensing Company, Inc. (CLC)
290 Interstate North Circle, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30339
770-955-4491 (fax)

Through the CLC site [], you may view further information about their partnership with University of Delaware and other institutions, file a licensing application, and obtain high quality digital art via subscription to J Patton Sports' Logos on Demand.

University and Student Organizations
If, after reviewing the licensing site, additional assistance is needed, contact the Office of Communications & Marketing Trademark Licensing Manager at (302) 831-2791.

Any use of all marks requires written approval prior to production. The name and marks of the University of Delaware are controlled under a licensing program administered through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).


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