Winter registration now open. Charges will appear on My Finances and will be due by 1/5/2015. Additional information on winter session charges and financial aid can be found here.

All outstanding balances should be paid before registering for future terms.


  Right to Know
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  Commitment to Delawareans


Installment Payment Plan

Semester balances can be divided into 4 equal monthly installments; there is a $50 installment plan fee for the semester included in your first installment payment.

Enrollment in this option is done online after logging into your My Finances account. This option is chosen from Step 3 - Account Summary / Choose Payment Option as you go to Make a Payment.

  • If you enroll in the plan later in the semester, the minimum payment that is required will adjust to ensure your balance is paid by the final installment date. Installment dates adjust with each monthly statement or the 13th of each month.
  • If a payment is not made by mid-month when the next month’s billing cycle is enabled, the installment payment amount due may be adjusted based on the remaining months left in the installment plan.
  • The installment plan is not available during the Winter and Summer sessions due to their short duration.
  Fall Semester Spring Semester
Installment % of Balance Required Billing Statement Due Date Billing Statement Due Date
First 25% July August 1 December January 6
Second 50% August September 1 January February 6
Third 75% September October 1 February March 6
Final 100% October November 1 March April 6