The University's overall benefit plan has long been recognized and valued because of its comprehensiveness and competitiveness in the market. 


The University provides eligible employees with an array of benefit plans that promote health and help you build financial resources for retirement. 

When you enroll in Flexible Benefits (health, life, disability insurance or flexible spending accounts), your elections will stay in effect until you experience a qualified change in family status or until annual (open) enrollment. For details about life events, such as birth of a child, adoption, or marriage, check the "Enrollment & Life Events" section of this site. You may review each benefit plan as well as details of your personal enrollment information in Web Views.

A number of benefits are administered on a pre-tax basis. Therefore, the University and participants must adhere to applicable IRS regulations in regard to enrollment, and in the case of retirement plans, annual contribution limits. We have included a brief snapshot of University benefits. However, please see the menu to the left for more detail about the individual options.


UDollars are provided by the University to assist in paying for the benefits you select. If the total cost of your options exceeds the UDollars paid by the University, employees pay the difference in pre-tax dollars. If the total cost benefits you select is less than the UDollars provided, employees receive the difference as taxable cash.

For full-time faculty and staff, the University’s health plan coverage contribution ranges from 86.75% to 96% of the total premium, depending on the plan and coverage tier. The University also pays the cost of "employee-only" vision, full cost of dental coverage, standard long-term disability, and life insurance equal to two times base annual salary.


The information contained on the website is not intended to replace the plan documents.  If there are any discrepancies between the information on the website and the plan documents, the plan documents govern. 

Benefits Eligibility


The following employee categories are eligible for coverage under the University’s health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance as well as tuition benefits and pension/retirement plans.

  • Full-Time Faculty: academic position classified as full-time under the terms and conditions of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Full-Time Staff: non-faculty position with a work schedule of 37.5 to 40.0 hours per week for at least nine (9) months during a period of twelve (12) consecutive months.
  • Defined-Term Full-Time Staff: non-faculty position with a work schedule of 37.5 to 40.0 hours per week for a duration greater than twelve (12) consecutive months, but less than thirty-six (36) consecutive months.
  • Temporary Full-Time Staff: non-faculty position with a work schedule of 37.5 to 40.0 hours per week for a duration not longer than twelve (12) consecutive months.
  • Visiting faculty and visiting exempt staff:  Benefits eligibility is limited to health, dental, vision insurances, course fee waiver and ID card privileges.
  • Part-time faculty and staff: in benefits-eligible positions prior to 2016 are eligible for the full compliments of University benefits, but at a reduced contribution level and half of the full-time equivalent tuition benefits.

Who Can Use UD Benefits

Dependents (your spouse and your children up to age 26) may be covered under the health, dental, vision and dependent life insurance plans or apply for UD educational benefits.

Benefits At-a-Glance

Paid Time Off & Leave

This section provides the University’s holiday schedule and a brief description of some of our leave programs. Members of our faculty and staff employed under a collective bargaining agreement, should also refer to their respective agreement for details about specific bargained leave options. Some of the time off plans described here (e.g., vacation, holiday, personal and medical) are offered solely at the discretion of the University. Other leaves (e.g., military leaves, jury duty and Family and Medical Leave) are subject to federal and state law. Address specific questions about leaves to your Human Resource Manager or email

Retirement Plans

The University of Delaware makes a significant contribution to the primary retirement plans for benefits-eligible faculty and staff.  Plans include:

Work-Life Programs & Services

Our Services

  • Support faculty & staff in the reporting of employee benefit enrollment and elections
  • Provide employee self-service enrollment and views
  • Communicate benefits coverage and/or premium changes

Compensation & Benefits Staff

Griffith, Darcell Director, Compensation & Benefits 831-2984
  Bredemeier, Jennifer Benefits Analyst 831-2171
  Crews, Julie HR Assistant 831-2171
  Doggett, Teresa Retirement Specialist 831-6349
  Jones, Michele Work/Life Coordinator 831-0713
  McKenzie, Gisela Benefits Manager 831-6651
  Nerlinger, Kathy Sr. Benefits Specialist 831-8823
  Norman, Stephanie Compensation & Benefits Specialist 831-4310
  Reynolds, Freda Benefits Assistant 831-6013
  Towers, Christopher Sr. Compensation Analyst 831-6080
  Ulrich, Chris Sr. HR Consultant 831-2729
  Varnes, Lisa Benefits Specialist 831-8039

Email your questions to or call Human Resources at 302‑831‑2171.