UD Laboratory and Classroom Safety Training Video

Welcome to the University of Delaware’s Lab Safety Video Training Program.
Please view the video and at the completion click on the URL below to take the quiz.

In order to be allowed to enter and complete the course lab at the University of Delaware, you need to view the video and successfully complete the quiz with a grade of 100%. You can take the quiz as many times as needed to achieve the required grade. Click here to access the Quiz.

Once you click “Begin Assessment”, you will have 30-minutes to complete this assessment answering all the questions. For each attempt, you will not be able to exit and return at a later time. Once complete click on grade book to determine your grade. Upon achieving a score of 100% print the page and provide a copy to the lab instructor.

NO Feedback will be provided.

Please contact EHS with any questions or issues (831-8475).

Laboratory and Classroom Safety