Student Fire Prevention/Fire Protection Programs

Providing UD Students with facilities, programs and policies incorporating a high level of fire safety and engineering is paramount. The residence halls, academic, and support facilities are under constant scrutiny to identify and abate fire hazards, discover and correct fire safety deficiencies, and ensure the learning experience is not jeopardized. The Fire Safety Section of Environmental Health and Safety Department in concert with departments, organizations and groups associated with support of student facilities and programs are here to serve all students and ensuring their fire safety needs are met.

  • Fire Safety Training for On/Off-Campus Residences; through National Institute of Fire Safety Training (NIFAST) . Web-based fire safety training program designed to instruct student how to safely react to fire emergencies, take steps necessary to prevent residential fires, and be familiar with the fire safety plan for their residence hall.
  • Cooking Fire Safety Improvements in Residence Halls through FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant 2009:
    • Installation of Stove Top Safe-T-element on all residence hall electric stove tops to prevent the leading cause of residence hall fires. (insert PDF)
    • Web-based interactive Cooking Fire Safety Training Program designed to reduce unattended cooking fires and nuisance alarm incidents within residence halls.
  • Fire Drills conducted twice per semester. Each of the residence halls and graduate student apartments have fire drills conducted to increase student awareness of reaction plans meeting places and to become familiar with primary and secondary exits for their building. The Resident Assistants and Public Safety Officers assigned as Community Police Officers provide supervision and leadership during the fire drills and respond to student/occupant needs.
    • Fire evacuation plans for each Residence Hall, Apartment and Greek Housing Facility can be found at:
  • Inspections of Student Housing (Dormitories/Apartments) and Greek Housing Facilities.
    • Greek Housing Facilities: The Fire Protection Element in conjunction with the City of Newark Building Inspection Office conducts inspections of Greek Housing Facilities twice per year.
    • Dormitories/Apartments: The Fire Protection Element provides fire safety inspection/surveys twice per year with focus on fire department access, life safety system status, exit and path of egress management in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Individual occupant room inspections are performed by Residence Life Staff in accordance with UD Residence Hall Regulations.
  • Open Flame Permits. Use of open flames, candles, incense, etc. is prohibited within Residents Halls in accordance with Residence Hall Regulation. On a limited basis, permission for use of open flames can be applied for via the Open Flame Permit Process. Student Centers and other buildings for Public Assembly Use may be considered with proper coordination and approval.