Stormwater-Nothing But Rain Emergency Response at Dorm fire extinguisher Wake-Up-Delaware
  • Stormwater Quality

    Here at UD, we have a stormwater program along with stormwater management facilities to keep our rain water runoff as clean as possible. Rainwater runoff from campus eventually ends up in the White Clay Creek or the Christina River.
    Don’t Pollute – Only rain down the storm drain!

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  • Fall protection information

    Fall protection training at the University of Delaware.

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  • Fire Safety Demonstration

    Here at UD, fire safety is constantly in the forefront of daily activities year round. Already this past August, over 200 Resident Assistants participated in a Fire Safety Night which included live fire extinguisher training.

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  • Wake-Up Delaware

    The Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association continues to promote the Wake-Up Delaware Campaign this year during the change of clocks to EST on Sunday November 2nd

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Safety Beacon is here

The new issue of the quarterly newsletter is now available.

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Lab Safety

UD Laboratory and Classroom Safety Quiz

Welcome to the University of Delaware’s Lab Safety Video Training Program.

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Fire Protection

Off-Campus Access to EHS Assistant and Online Training Has Changed

If you need to access online training or the EHS Assistant program, the procedures have changed. You can now access it through the UD VPN connection. Instructions for installing and using the VPN to access EHS Online Training are available HERE.


Our Chemical Hygiene Plan Has Been Revised!

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A Lesson to be Learned

University of Minnesota Fume Hood explosion points out need for better understanding of hazards and better lab communication. Read More