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The Career Service Center team can partner with you in your career planning process as you engage in thinking about and taking steps towards realizing your career goals. Career Services has developed several initiatives to provide you with fun, interactive ways to reach your career destination. Start as early as you can - freshman year is ideal!

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Drop-in Hours

Resume drop-in hours are open to undergraduate and graduate students, Monday-Friday: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. They take place during the Fall/Spring semesters. 

**If a graduate student is interested in pursuing a professorship in academia and is seeking CV assistance, it is recommended that he/she work directly with his/her advisor.

On rare occasions, for holidays and career fairs, walk-in hours will be cancelled. On these occasions, an announcement regarding the cancellation of walk-in hours will be posted in Blue Hen Careers. 24-hour advanced notice will be honored and announcements will also be made via the Career Services Center's social media.

The Career Ambassadors are committed to promoting the Bank of America Career Services Center to undergraduate students utilizing the CareerMAP. The Career Ambassador program provides a unique opportunity to interact with recruiters and participate in career events. The program is great for professional development and looks great on your resume!

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Helping UD students explore, experience, and excel
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Helping UD students explore, experience, and excel
Helping UD students explore, experience, and excel