Human Resources Staff Directory

Office of Human Resources
LaPenta, Tom Chief Human Resources Officer 831-2769
     Hamm, Scarlett Human Resources Generalist 831-2769
Benefits, Classification & Compensation
Ulrich, Chris Director, Benefits & Compensation 831-2171
     Doggett, Teresa Retirement Specialist 831-6349
     Griffith, Darcell Associate Director, Benefits & Compensation 831-6741
     Kelleher, Michael Financial Analyst I 831-2171
     Koch, Susan Senior Compensation Analyst 831-2178
     Marrero-Cruz, Abigueys Benefits Assistant 831-2171
     McKenzie, Gisela Senior Benefits Specialist 831-2171
     Nerlinger, Kathy Senior Benefits Specialist 831-8039
     Reynolds, Freda Benefits Assistant 831-6013
     Towers, Christopher Senior Compensation Analyst 831-6080
     Wright, Corey Retirement Plans Administrator 831-2171
     Yarrusso, Sarah Administrative Assistant II 831-2171
Employee Development & Well Being
Corbitt, Kathy Director, Employee Development & Well Being 831-7089
     Brown, Jennifer Administrative Assistant II 831-2414
     Jones, Michele Training Associate 831-0713
     Justice, Mary Administrative Assistant, Employee Wellness 831-8388
     Keenan, Ryan Fitness Training & Development Specialist 831-8388
     Lepine, Ellen Senior Training & Development Specialist 831-0269
     Neff, Jean Associate Director, Employee Development 831-8813
     Smith, Linda Manager, Employee Wellness 831-8853
Equity & Inclusion
Groff, Susan Director, Institutional Equity & Inclusion / Title IX Coordinator 831-8063
     Daniels, Jennifer Associate Director, Equity & Inclusion 831-8065
     Kelly, Michael Associate Director, Special Investigators Inclusion 831-4584
     Pergeorelis, Michelle Administrative Assistant II 831-8063
     Stone, Fatima Sr. Associate Director, Equity & Inclusion 831-8065
Deramo-Kollra, Elizabeth Associate Director, HRIS 831-8677
     Goldstein, Nancy Sr HRIS Analyst 831-8677
     Jain, Deepti HRIS Specialist - Reporting 831-8677
     McFadden, Cheryl Sr HRIS Analyst 831-8677
     Wilson, Kathie HRIS Analyst 831-8677
Employee & Labor Relations
Fogg, Patricia Director, Employee & Labor Relations 831-2276
     Crook, Juanita Employee & Labor Relations Coordinator 831-8305
Brinkley, Diana Associate Director, Payroll 831-8677
     Davis, Doretha Payroll Assistant 831-8677
     Fields, Deborah Payroll Processor 831-8677
     O'Connor, Judith Payroll Coordinator 831-8677
     Taylor, Catherine Foreign National Coordinator 831-8677
Records Management
Bloch, Anna Director, Payroll and Records Management 831-8677
     Antes, Karen Records Systems Specialist 831-8677
     Blandford, Joy Administrative Assistant II 831-8677
     Haboussi, Younes Sr. HR Data/Financial Analyst 831-2896
     Slack, Amanda Records Systems Specialist 831-8677
     Snuffer, Amanda Associate Director, Records Management 831-8677
     Walters, Mary On-boarding Coordinator 831-8677
     Williams, Mark Background Check Coordinator 831-8677
     Wood, Katherine Records Analyst 831-8677
     Yang, Xuan Yi Financial Analyst I 831-8677
Recruitment & Employment
Aupperle, Jared Manager, Recruitment 831-2171
     Chavis, Janna Recruitment Assistant 831-1559