Research Stories

Nano shake-up
A group of researchers led by Thomas H. Epps, III, and Millicent Sullivan in UD's Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has shown that routine processing and storage conditions can have a significant influence on the size and shape of drug nanocarriers produced from self-assembled polymers.
Summer Scholars to present research
Approximately 120 of last summer's Science, Engineering, and Life Science Scholars will give poster presentations of their research on April 24 at Trabant University Center.
Support for offshore wind
New Delaware Sea Grant research shows that 77 percent of Atlantic City residents favor a proposed 5-turbine wind energy project off the coast.
Return of the native
Delaware Sea Grant researchers have found that an invasive species of Asian crabs is experiencing steep decline as numbers of native crabs are resurging.
Airborne wind energy
High-altitude wind turbines have the potential to generate large amounts of electricity, based on new meteorological research on wind speeds led by the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment's Cristina Archer.
May 12: Membrane protein symposium
UD will host the one-day Delaware Membrane Protein Symposium on May 12 in Clayton Hall.
April 23: Graduate Student Forum
UD's fourth annual Graduate Student Forum to be held April 23 will highlight a diverse array of graduate student scholarship as students explore the application of their work inside and outside academia.
DRI research
The Delaware Rehabilitation Institute is seeking four highly qualified undergraduate students to serve summer research internships.
Military medicine
The Delaware Military Medicine Symposium on April 26 will honor those who have served in the military and contributed to the advances that have come to civilian life from the tragedy of war.
Street art festivities
An exhibition featuring Wilmington street artists helps represent data from a study by UD street ethnographer Yasser Payne.
Solar challenges
The Institute of Energy Conversion hosted a one-day collaborative learning session with Pepco Holdings Inc. to discuss some of the unique challenges associated with integrating solar power into existing energy systems.
CCEI research
The Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation has announced a two-year program with ExxonMobil to research renewable chemicals from biomass.
Sticky composites
UD researchers have discovered that fragmented carbon nanotube films can serve as adhesive conductors in lithium-ion batteries, improving battery performance and eliminating the need for toxic solvents in the manufacturing process.
Engineering seminars
UD's Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has announced its spring semester seminar series, which will open Feb. 28 and continue through May 2.
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Did You Know: Shakespeare turns 450, still hip

The News Journal, April 9, 2014

Kristen Poole, professor of English, discusses Shakespeare.

How should colleges address conflicts between academics, athletics and money?

PBS NewsHour, Tuesday, April 8, 2014

UD President Patrick Harker discussed the importance of education in a segment on conflicts between academics, athletics and money in Division I.

Extreme rain events on rise

The News Journal, April 7, 2014

Gerald J. Kauffman, director of the Water Resources Agency, discusses extreme weather.


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