Research Stories

Research grants
Two graduate students, Meghan Ramick and John Guers, have won $5,000 research grants from the American College of Sports Medicine Foundation to support their doctoral studies.
Graduate Student Research Forum
The UD Graduate Student Research Forum on April 21 will include over 130 presentations, highlighting such topics as new gene sequencing techniques to improve treatment of pediatric cancers, to an evaluation of the impact of public trial gardens on the horticulture industry.
HIV study
HIV studies by a University of Delaware research team promote upgrades in treatment policy but challenges remain for prevention and treatment after inmates return to the community.
Learning through play
The Child's Play, Learning and Development Lab at the University of Delaware is working to answer questions about how children acquire language, learn through play and develop spatial skills, and invites members of the community to participate.
Quail influx
After virtually disappearing from New Jersey, northern bobwhite quail were reintroduced into that state's Pine Barrens as the result of a three-year collaboration that includes UD's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
Editorial appointment
Cathleen Geiger of UD's College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, a specialist in sea ice geophysics, has been named sea ice science editor of the international Journal of Glaciology.
'Metals for Life'
The University of Delaware will host "Metals for Life," a symposium honoring MIT's Stephen J. Lippard, recipient of the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry, on Thursday, April 23.
Sharp Campus visit
U.S. Sen. Chris Coons recently visited UD College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment facilities in Lewes to learn more about its work in the areas of climate change, coastal resilience and environmental technology.
May 4: Membrane protein symposium
The Delaware Membrane Protein Symposium will be held Monday, May 4, at Clayton Hall.
Student research
Nine University of Delaware students presented their research at the 2015 Experimental Biology meeting in Boston.
Research grants
Researchers are pursuing solutions in bone regeneration, Crohn's disease and targeted medication delivery through University of Delaware Research Foundation Strategic Initiative Grants.
National recognition
Cordell Overby, associate deputy provost for research and regulatory affairs, will help guide Oak Ridge Associated Universities as an elected member of its board.
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Two-minute sideline test could be best way to ID concussions

NBC Nightly News, March 28, 2015

The University of Delaware, which is part of a nationwide study, was featured in a segment on concussions.

Report: Diversity of New England plant life threatened

Associated Press, March 26, 2015

Douglas Tallamy, professor of entomology and wildlife ecology, is quoted in an article about threats to the diversity of plant life in New England. "We have come to see plants simply as decorations and we just want to have pretty landscapes, but in doing that we have forgotten all the ecological roles that they play," he said.

Political ads overwhelm news on local TV

USA Today, March 19, 2015

Danilo Yanich, associate professor of public policy and administration, is quoted in a column about overwhelming political advertising. "There's no way for a citizen to make his way through the bombardment and onslaught and make an informed decision," Yanich said.


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