Research Stories

Sea level and pollution
A UD team is working with Wilmington's Southbridge community to gather data and raise awareness about sea level rise.
Snow monitoring network
Real-time data from Delaware Environmental Observing System sensors is helping DelDOT set reimbursement thresholds for neighborhood association snow removal costs.
Jan. 28: Research Review
UD's Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering will hold its Winter Research Review, featuring the work of graduate students, on Wednesday, Jan. 28, at Clayton Hall.
Summer scholars
Students interested in environmental research internships for the summer are encouraged to apply for the EPSCoR Summer Scholars program.
Waning numbers
A UD research team has been studying the Atlantic brant goose and its nesting sites in the Arctic.
Part 4: A tale of two poles
In the newest installment of this series, UD's Matthew Oliver and Megan Cimino track penguins and rescue an unmanned underwater vehicle called a glider. Follow the story using #UDPolar.
Learning through play
Parents and young children can participate in research being conducted as part of UD's Infant Language Project.
Research orientation
New faculty will learn more about UD's research enterprise and hear from a faculty panel about lessons learned on the way to launching a successful research program.
Long-lasting impact
A long-term study shows that infants receiving sensitive care have more social and academic success well into adulthood.
International Year of Soils
UD's Rodrigo Vargas is part of an international team of researchers who have identified advances on the benefits of soil carbon in an effort to address serious environmental challenges affecting millions of people around the globe.
Mining for biomedical information
UD's Hagit Shatkay and Chandra Kambhamettu have received a National Library of Medicine grant to apply "computational glancing" to biomedical research.
Photograph restoration
Graduate students in the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation are working to rescue family photographs that survived a deadly fire.
QCD speeds analysis
A team of researchers at UD's Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation has invented the Quantitative Carbon Detector, a new device that identifies and quantifies chemical compounds in complex mixtures.
Google Glass Explorer
The University of Delaware's Jingyi Yu is investigating the use of Google Glass as an efficient and affordable way to fit and design prosthetics.
RCR training
Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research will be offered Feb. 5 in the Trabant University Center. Topics will range from ethical considerations for performing research to financial management, laboratory safety and many others.
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Reliving Newtown in a college classroom

The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec. 11, 2014

In an op-ed, University of Delaware senior Emily Floros of Newtown, Connecticut, writes about her reaction to coverage of the shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school and classroom discussions about ethics in journalism.

UD students protest grand jury decisions in march down Main Street

Newark Post, Dec. 8, 2014

Chanting "Hands up, don't shoot" and "Black lives matter," protesters marched along Main Street on Saturday afternoon, expressing dissatisfaction with injustice nationally and locally. That was the third event that has taken place in Newark over the past two weeks, including a rally in front of UD's Memorial Hall and a "die-in" in the Trabant University Center.

UD's Harker: Dollars, value, globally warmed chickens

Cape Gazette, Dec. 5, 2014

At the global level, University of Delaware President Patrick Harker told members of the press in Lewes that UD, through engineering and environmental technologies, is helping to “bend the curve” to help ease the pressure on natural resources.


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