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Office of Student Conduct
218 Hullihen Hall
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: (302) 831-2117
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Office Hours: 8am - 5pm
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Student Conduct Advisors

A Student Conduct Advisor can be any member of the University of Delaware community (student, faculty or staff member.) A Student Conduct Advisor may assist a student at any point during the student conduct process, such as attending a pre-hearing or Administrative Hearing with a student, helping to determine what witnesses to present at an Administrative Hearing, or assisting in writing an appeal. The people listed below have volunteered to assist students and are trained in all aspects of the University's student conduct system. A printable list of advisors is available here.

You are encouraged to contact a Student Conduct Advisor as soon as you decide to make use of this service. Please contact only one advisor at a time. Contacting a Student Conduct Advisor well in advance of a pre-hearing or Administrative Hearing will increase the opportunities you can meet with the Advisor. It is also recommended you bring all relevant information (such as the incident report, e-mail notification of charges, etc.) to the meeting with an Advisor.

Dr. Nina Buchanan*
Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Academic Services
Chemistry and Biochemistry
St. Thomas More Oratory
Ms. Vicki Lucas
College of Education and Human Development
University Student Centers
University Student Centers
College of Health Sciences



School of Education

Most accessible to Georgetown, Dover, Lewes and Milford Campuses

Plant & Soil Sciences
Student Health Services
Lerner College of Business and Economics
Mr. James Coleman
Student Services for Athletes
Recreation Services

* These Advisors are willing to have initial contact via e-mail. Click on the name to open a new window to compose an e-mail. Please note that these Advisors will likely request a meeting in person with you after the initial contact via e-mail.