The STAR campus is all about engagement—with the community, with the business world, and with our clinical partners—to train the next generation of healthcare professionals and to create the next innovations in healthcare through cutting- edge research. Kathleen S. Matt
Dean of Health Sciences
We have a very real opportunity at the STAR Campus to commit our efforts to the grand challenges, great debates, and big ideas that define our time. Domenico Grasso

A once in a lifetime opportunity.

The University of Delaware has set the stage for the Science, Technology and Advanced Research Campus (STAR Campus) to be a center of innovation that will continue to evolve over the next half a century. The site’s activities and tenants focus on science, technology, engineering and clinical practice in areas ranging from biomedicine and biotechnology to alternative energy and environmental sustainability.

In January 2014, the Health Sciences Complex opened, and UD’s College of Health Sciences is the first tenant to occupy the rehabbed building on the STAR Campus, not only providing the front door to the site but also setting the stage for the campus as a vibrant healthy community by design.

The Complex houses clinics and core facilities for research in areas ranging from osteoarthritis and stroke to pediatric mobility and rehabilitation of wounded warriors. The building also features high-tech meeting and study places as well as space for businesses and organizations that complement the the College of Health Science's mission.