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Theme Housing

Warner Women - All-Female Housing

Available in: Warner

Built in 1914, Warner Hall was one of the first buildings that made up the Women’s College at the University of Delaware. Preserving the principals upon which it was found, Warner Hall continues to be an all-female residence hall with rich traditions.

Living in Warner, a student will be surrounded by its history where every piece of furniture, every room, and every painting has a different story. Women in Warner will have the option to participate in programming and have access to resources that can empower them and support their development as a woman.

Substance Free Housing

Available in: Sussex

Substance-Free Housing is a Housing Option available for students who are willing to make an affirmative commitment to maintain a living environment free from tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Sussex Hall, on Central Campus, has been designated as Substance-Free residence hall for the 2015-2016 academic year. Sussex is air-conditioned and coed by floor, with single and double rooms. Upperclass students interested in a smoke and alcohol-free experience should select this building.

The activities and programs of the buildings will reflect the common interests of the residents. These activities may be planned by either Residence Life & Housing staff or interested residents.

To apply for the Substance-Free Housing option in Sussex Hall, select "Substance-Free" as a Housing Option and complete the supplemental application in the Theme Housing section of the Housing Application.

NOTE: While Housing Options are generally only available to upperclassmen, Substance-Free Housing may be available to freshmen with special circumstances.

Upperclass Honors Housing

Honors Program Logo

Available in: North Central and South Central

We hope you will consider applying for Upperclass Honors Housing for 2014-2015. Students enrolled in the Honors Program with a 3.0 GPA or higher are guaranteed a space in Upperclass Honors Housing, except those honors students who wish to live with a non-Honors roommate. Those wishing to live with a non-Honors roommate are still encouraged to apply, as it is anticipated space will be available. Other interested students with a 3.0 GPA or above who are not in the Honors Program are also encouraged to apply, although placement on an Honors floor is not guaranteed to non-Honors students.

Honors floors, which will house upper division students along with upper division honors students are:

Building Floor Coed Scheme
Brown 3rd Female only
  4th Male only
Cannon All floors
Alternate room
Harter 1st Female only
  2nd Alternate room
  4th Male only
Sharp 2nd Alternate room
  3rd Alternate room
  4th Female only
Sypherd 1st Alternate room
  3rd Female only
  4th Male only

NOTE: Sypherd is air-conditioned and accessible to students with disabilities. If you need air-conditioning, you must request Sharp or Sypherd.

Students already living in Upperclass Honors Housing will be able to return to their rooms, as long as they have a minimum 3.0 GPA and select the Return to Room option. Students who wish to be placed on the Honors waiting list must complete the supplemental application.

Executive Apartments

A variety of 2-person, fully-furnished apartments (most are air-conditioned) are locate in traditional housing throughout campus, including freshmen buildings. Originally built for live-in staff, many of these apartments are now available for upper-division students. Priority is given to students who are members or leaders of executive councils in Registered Student Organizations. Residents of these apartments are eligible for on-campus meal plans, but are not required to participate in the dining plan (except for the two apartments noted). Executives will be encouraged and given resources to host an event or information session related to their organization within the residence hall. These apartments are very similar to those in the Christiana Towers, and Winter Session housing is included in the academic cost.

Students must reapply each year to live in Executive Apartments. The Return Request option is not guaranteed.

Interested students should contact Jim Tweedy for more information and a list of apartments.

Gender Neutral Housing

Students who are interested in Gender Neutral Housing in Laird Campus suites must email All information is confidential and shared on a "need-to-know" basis.

Please include your name, Student ID number, and the names and Student ID numbers of any students with whom you wish to live.

You will be contacted by email with general information regarding this housing option for Fall.

Other Housing Opportunity Application

You must specify other housing opportunities in your housing application (except Gender Neutral - see above). Some communities are available only by additional application or registration.

IMPORTANT: A completed Housing Application with Housing Preferences, Supplemental Application or agreement (except Honors), and housing prepayment must be submitted by the application deadline for a student to be considered as a candidate for these communities.