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Living Learning Experience

All of our residence halls work to provide communities where student learning is enhanced by programming opportunities.  Residence Life & Housing has worked with colleagues across the campus to develop opportunities that have even greater potential to increase student success. 

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLC) provide the opportunity to become part of a unique experience with programs and facilities to advance the interests of the community members.  Each LLC is connected with a specific academic unit or department that provides support to the residents in these communities and direction for developmental activities. 

Current Living Learning Communities for Upper Division students include:

Bridge Experience

This LLC in Independence East is designed for students who have successfully completed the Associate in Arts Program.  Bridge Experience programs are designed to connect students to University resources, provide social events, and allow students to explore additional career options. The following special programming is planned:

  • Weekly resource connection programs
  • Activities with academic programs
  • Programs designed with Career Services Center
  • Weekly social events organized by residents
  • Mentoring programs with Residence Life & Housing staff and former Associate in Arts students.

Please contact Josh Holmes, Complex Coordinator at or (302) 831-7079.

International House (IHouse) Community

Available in: Kent

International House is a global community comprising University of Delaware International and Domestic Students.  Residents of International House experience a rich, cultural exchange as well as participate in extended programming and community building. Conveniently located in Kent Hall on the South Central Green near Morris Library, Student Health Services, and classrooms and labs on the Green.

Community members will be provided with many opportunities to interact with people from other cultures both one-on-one and in a group setting.

To apply, select International House in the Living Learning Experience section of the Housing Application. Complete the remainder of the application according to the instructions.

Please contact Cheri Skipworth, Complex Coordinator at or (302) 831-3003 with questions.

PRoUD and Other Service Animal Raisers

The PRoUD and Other Raisers community allows students the unique opportunity to raise assistance dogs in the residence halls as a part of a longstanding community service initiative.  Students may apply to raise a dog through one of the University of Delaware’s recognized sight dog programs (The Seeing Eye, Inc., Guiding Eyes, Canine Partners for Independence), which are partnered with Registered Student Organizations.

In order to be a part of this community, students must gain approval through their respective organizations and apply to this community through the Other Housing Opportunities section of the housing application. After the application is submitted, students will meet with the Assistant Director for Student and Community advocacy to gain admittance to the community. This year the communities will be located in select areas of Thomas McKean and the Christiana Towers.

For more information please contact Jimmy Howard, Assistant Director for Student and Community Advocacy

UD Engaged Learners (UDEL) Community

The University of Delaware Engaged Learners (UDELs) Living Learning Community is for students who are first in their family to attend a four-year residential college or who have completed the Associate in Arts program and are coming to the main campus for the first time.  The goal of the UDEL LLC is to help these students take part in forms of engaged learning that will allow them to benefit as fully as possible from their undergraduate experience.  The UDELs LLC seeks to foster student success by mentoring students to prepare to apply and participate in opportunities for engaged learning (such as undergraduate research, service learning, and internships).

Activities will include monthly seminars in which faculty and/or undergraduate researchers lead discussions around undergraduate research opportunities and common readings. Biweekly meetings will be held for UDELs to learn about and share engaged learning opportunities available to them, and regular mentoring sessions provided to help them take advantage of these opportunities.

Contact Information: 

•          Faculty: Dr. Iain Crawford, Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning,, 302-831-8995

•          Staff: Susan Serra, Assistant Director, Office of Service Learning,, 302-831-3188

•          Staff:  Kim Saunders, Program Director, TRIO/McNair Scholars,


Living Learning Communities planned for First Year students for 2015-16 include:

Biology Living Learning Community

Required for all Biological Sciences Majors (non-honors)

Location: George Read

Contact: Dr. David Usher, Professor, Biological Sciences

Description: The Biology LLC was developed by faculty members of the Biology department to encourage success in the classroom by developing ongoing programs and support systems. Students in the Biology LLC will gain knowledge by upper division student mentors who are advanced Biology majors. These LLC Mentors will organize study groups that will be invaluable in helping students cope with the new integrated introductory biology and chemistry courses being offered in the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (ISE) Lab, a new science teaching facility at UD. The mentors will also support activities to develop the Biology majors in their Freshman Year Seminar course and connect community members to opportunities and events in Biology. Biological Science faculty members organize an activity each month in the residence hall to help students learn about research opportunities and the expansive career choices for the major.

All Biology majors (who are not in the Honors Program) will be assigned to live in the BIO LLC which is located in the George Read Complex.

Due to this requirement, roommate choices may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed.

In addition to the BIO LLC, the George Read Complex also houses the Discover Our World (CEOE) LLC, the Thrive Wellness LLC, and the other half (approximately) of the complex is intermixed with first year students from a variety of other majors.

Discover our World! College of Earth, Ocean and Environment (CEOE) Living Learning Community

Required for all majors in the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment (non-honors)

Location: George Read

Contact: Dr. Franklin A. Newton, Assistant Dean, College of Earth, Ocean and Environment

Description: The CEOE LLC was developed by the Dean’s office and faculty members of the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment to encourage our students’ success at UD. The LLC accomplishes this by developing a sense of community among the entering cohort of students in the college all of whom share an interest in and passion for the earth and her systems. CEOE LLC members’ experiences include additional connection with the faculty, Assistant Dean and upperclass Enviro-mentors through formal and informal interactions and ongoing programmatic offerings. The CEOE Enviro-mentors are upper level students enrolled in majors in CEOE and who have been successful academically. They will serve as student mentors and assist students during their first year. First year CEOE students will be able to participate in study groups, support programs and other activities in order to connect with other LLC members and to maximize their potential for success.

All first year, students who have been admitted to CEOE majors will be housed in the CEOE-LLC. All CEOE majors (who are not in the Honors Program) will be assigned to live in the CEOE LLC which is located in the George Read Complex.

Due to this requirement, roommate choices may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed.

In addition to the CEOE LLC, the George Read Complex also houses the Biological Sciences (BIO) LLC, the Thrive Wellness LLC, and the other half (approximately) of the complex is intermixed with first year students from a variety of other majors.

First Year Honors

Required for all first year honors students

Location: Louis L. Redding

Contact: University of Delaware Honors Program

Freshmen admitted to the Honors Program are housed together in Louis L. Redding Hall, located in the East Campus First Year Neighborhood. Living in first-year Honors housing is a requirement of the freshman year in Honors, although it is possible to get a waiver of this requirement if you plan to live at home with a parent or guardian and commute to campus.

The Honors freshman community is enhanced by Munson Fellows. Munson Fellows are upperclass Honors peer mentors who assist students with questions or problems, both academic and social. They plan, promote and encourage involvement in social and cultural activities and help with the overall adjustment to college life.

Material Culture Living Learning Community

for Art History, Anthropology and Art Conservation majors
Optional for students who are accepted into the following majors: Art History, Anthropology and Art Conservation – apply via the My Housing Portal.

Location: Russell Complex

Contact: Dr. Vicki Cassman, Director of Undergraduate Art Conservation Studies

Description: A passion for material culture is what unites the freshmen admitted as Art History, Anthropology or Art Conservation majors, and these students would make up a meaningful Living Learning Community (LLC) at UD. Incoming freshmen with these three majors are few and distinctive. Incoming material culture freshmen are unique because they have already identified their passion and the LLC will help them make the most of that early and life-changing commitment.

The Material Culture LLC will provide students with a chance to make meaningful connections with their instructors and develop strong friendships with fellow students. Residents will have access to special resources, programs and activities, including: seminar; mentoring programs; discussion groups; career development; study groups; and service opportunities. These activities will allow students to connect with the campus community, by integrating classroom learning with the residential experience.

This community, location to be determined, will be the place to embrace a sense of adventure, broaden horizons, and make the most of the first year in college.

Pre Health Professional LLC (PHP LLC)

Optional for students in any major who are interested in going into health professions – apply via the My Housing Portal.
Honors students may apply.

Location: Louis L. Redding

Contact: Dr. David Barlow, Director for the Center for Premedical & Health Profession Studies

Description: Students who are looking to go into one of the various Health Professions should consider applying to be a part of the University of Delaware’s new, first-year living learning community for pre-health professions. Located in Louis L. Redding Hall (an all-freshmen building), the Pre-Health Professions Living Learning Community invites student applicants who are interested in pre-med, pre-dental, pre-vet or other health-related professions. Opportunities available to students living in the PHP LLC include:

  • Living in close proximity to the 25 other freshmen, and one upperclassman peer mentor, who are part of the PHP LLC, who have similar career interests and are taking similar courses.
  • Access to extra support from faculty and staff as students pursue career and grad school interests.
  • Access to professionals knowledgeable about standardized tests (e.g. MCAT) and graduate school applications.
  • In-depth and personalized advising from the University’s Center for Pre-Health Professions, in addition to regular academic advising.
  • Programs and events in the Residence Hall, including exciting speakers from the healthcare industry.
  • Access to extracurricular enrichment, including health-related volunteer experiences.

Thrive, a Wellness Living Learning Community

Optional for students who are interested in personal wellness and creating healthy communities – apply via the My Housing Portal. (non-honors)

Location: George Read

Contact: Caress Roach, Behavior Health Specialist, Student Wellness and Health Promotion

Description: The Wellness LLC which is sponsored by Student Wellness and Health Promotion, a department within the Division of Student Life, offers first year students the opportunity to live in an environment which aspires to foster wellness, promote health and safety, and support academic success. Students who live in this community can benefit from opportunities designed to help them actively explore the connection between their choices regarding personal wellness and their academic achievement. Additionally, there will be offerings for learning new health-enhancement practices and opportunities to build these skills and routines in a supportive community with others so as to increase the possibility of maintaining a long-term healthier lifestyle. Students will get to experiences exclusive events and programs offered only in the Wellness LLC. Students living in the Wellness community will be encouraged to inspire, support and motivate their peers to create a safer, healthier, and more compassionate campus environment in which to live and study.

Students must apply to become a member of this community which has a limited number of spaces.

Community members will live together within George Read Hall.

Other Housing Opportunity Application

You must specify other housing opportunities in your housing application. Some communities are available only by additional application or registration.

IMPORTANT: A completed Housing Application with Housing Preferences, Supplemental Application or agreement (except Honors), and housing prepayment must be submitted by the application deadline for a student to be considered as a candidate for these communities.