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Procurement Forms  
Form Description
UD Credit Card Enrollment Web Form This is the web form that must be completed in order to receive a UD Credit Card or Cash Advance.
Application for Payment by ACH
(PDF format)
Vendors and individuals who are not employees of the University may use this form to sign up for direct deposit payments. Employees of the University may modify their direct deposit information via the Payroll & Systems Administration Office.
Authorization for Reimbursement of Home High Speed Internet Access
(PDF format)
Use this form to secure the necessary approvals for reimbursement of high speed Internet access from home in accordance with University Policy 3-28.
Bearer Card Log Use this form to document bearer card usage.
Cash Withdrawal Log Use this log as a template to reconcile cash withdrawals made with your UD Cash Advance Card.
Category Codes and Account Mapping This list contains each category code, its description, and the account code to which it is mapped. To ensure that you have the most up to date list of codes, we recommend working from this version instead of a saved copy.
Computer Maintenance Contract Form Use this form to purchase a maintenance contract from Intec.
FIN Request for Payment to Individual Use this form to request payment to one or more individuals for honoraria, awards, non-employee travel expenses, refunds, etc. The form can be used to pay up to twenty-five individuals for a single reason. This form may not be used to pay a University of Delaware employee.
FIN Requisition/Vendor Payment Request Use this form to initiate the purchase of goods or services from sources outside the University. It can also be used to make payments to non-individuals and for any purchasing transaction that cannot be paid with a UD Purchasing Card.
Fly America Act Waiver Checklist Use this form to determine qualification for a waiver of the Fly America Act restrictions.

Note: this form is maintained by the Research Office.
Mileage Log Use this form to keep track of reimburseable mileage.
Payment Authorization for Non-US Citizens (UDW-8)
(PDF format)
This form must be completed for any request for Honorarium or Payment for Services of a Non-U.S. citizen.
P-1 Form
(PDF format)
(Reasonable Cause Affidavit by Payor For Not Obtaining Payee's Identifying Number)
This form is required for non-resident aliens who will not be obtaining a social security number and are being paid for services or honoraria. Note that this form does not eliminate the withholding tax. A UD W-8 form is also required.
Petty Cash Reconciliation
(PDF format)
This form is used to support a request for replenishment of a Petty Cash fund. It should be submitted with all of the original receipts and must reference the FIN Request for Payment to Individual webform number that is associated with it. Please make sure to use the "PETTYCASH-001" vendor and include the fund custodian's name in the comments section.
Procurement Cardholder Account Maintenance Form This form is used by a SpeedChart Administrator to change information (e.g. default account code or billing address) for a Procurement Card which has already been issued.
Request for Taxpayer Identification (W-9)
(PDF format)
This form is required to load a vendor into the University's vendor database for payment (please use this form, not the IRS-issued W-9).

The completed, signed form should be faxed to Procurement Services at 302-831-6772 or scanned and emailed to

Works Access Request Form Use this form to request Works access for a non-cardholder.